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Author Topic: 2016 punting plans  (Read 1644 times)

First punt booked this week with a fave wg, then need to step back, refresh my hotlist, and make a plan for the coming months.

Did this in 2015 to avoid making frantic & desperate decisions, and can honestly say I didn't have a bad punt last year (but do punt a lot less than most on here seem to).

Pretty much my plan too Sparta Prada, and was post summer last year - wonder if we are overlapping with Classy Jenny as one of the trio  :D

There's me, you, summertime and Big Bad R all queueing up whenever Classy Jenny comes out to play! She's definitely one of my regs, which is no surprise to anyone here I guess.

I'm going to PM you about another girl you have reviewed, reply when you get a chance.

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I'm new to this but I plan on punting maybe once or twice a month. Getting sick of wasting my money in clubs trying to pick up women, only to get blind drunk and forgetting the whole night. Dating sites are full of time wasters too.

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Going for my first punt of the year on Wednesday, a woman who I've seen before but not for a few years.

If we click again I'll be seeing her regularly through the year.

Last year was a quiet one for me as I wasn't working regularly but full time now so lots of funds for fun although less time now.


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I'm not planning to bother with parties this year - feel like I've ticked that box.

Going to focus on longer bookings, ideally with part-timers/SA girls, with a few specials (PSE,BDSM, Threesome etc) interspersed, and a one of the cheaper WGs on my hotlist whenever I get the urge. 

Need to get January out of the way first though, as tax season always curtails punting funds.   :thumbsdown:

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