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Author Topic: Happy new year everyone  (Read 336 times)

May all your Asians DFK
Your Romanians give anal
And your milfs undercharge you

Offline Redevil86

May your t o f t t efforts all be winners
Your regular's keep getting better
And if you have no life to speak of, stop shit stirring and try contributing in a positive way
Happy new year and hot punting year for all.

Offline mr big

all Romanians turn into Hungarians would get better punts good punting for next year

Lets keep up the reviews and genuine feedback, even if others do not agree, it is our considered review.

Wad going to make a new year resolution to hang my punting boots up after 12 years but I think.that my resolution will be for another year of titillation, oh and the milf from accounts made her intensions clear as she pushed me into a secluded corner at the Christmas party and dfk followed by a great bj.
the taxi ride home with her was one I will never forget!
The OH does not know what she's missing.
I think its going to be a HAPPY NEW YEAR
cheers fellow punters

May each Wank be meaningful
all mine are facials this year !

Boyos Blwyddyn Newydd Dda

Happy new year everyone and thanks for all the reviews and advice

As a new member of this club I would like to thank you all for writing so openly and helping me to enjoy life as I have not in many years. 

A special thanks to Redevil for his relentless positivity.

Offline Redevil86

jack c , happy new year, I do appreciate the positivity, enjoy, we spend too much not to, cheers.

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