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Author Topic: Premier Leeds writing their own reviews again?  (Read 227 times)

Offline johnboy007

I had a look at their site yesterday to check out if any new girls were on, then I checked today (31st December) at around 8am.

This girl suddenly had appeared:

"Not bad at all!" I thought, on first inspection. I then scrolled down to reviews and she'd had one already! It starts with, "Met Hannah today..."

Can I be forgiven for thinking they've wrote this themselves? 'Paul' wrote this on the 31st December (and her profile wasn't up on the 30th), so a review has gone up on the morning of the day she went on the site - before she'd even started!

The least they could have done is waited a few days and then made up the review to be added then. They also do Bait & Switch, as a few of their girls have even told me that the photos on the site isn't them.

Tut tut... tut!
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