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Author Topic: Scottish Cindy  (Read 826 times)

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Offline Jock D

https://www.adultwork.com/2748307 or https://www.adultwork.com/Scottish+Cindy -

£60 30mins.

Cessnock/Ibrox area. Ample street parking, Cessnock underground very nearby.

Due to the festive famine that takes place every year in Punterland, I ended up having to troll through the pages of AW just looking for someone(non Romanian) who was actually working. Cindy's profile appealed more than the rest, so phoned up and quickly realised I was talking to 'the maid', and it was the same flat I had seen Scottish Marie(see previous review) at just a few weeks before.

Anyway, made the booking, parked up and text 5mins before the appointment time saying I was outside. Got a text back saying Cindy was running 15mins late could I wait, as I had already taken my little blue helper pill and knew there were no alternatives nearby, had to bite the bullet and say yes. Unsurprisingly, the 15mins ended up being 25mins before I actually got the green light to go in. Met at the door by the maid(different one from my prevoius visit) who was apologetic, but I still let her know I wasn't happy.  :angry:

Shown into a smaller room than I had been in previously, and told Cindy would be with me shortly. When she entered the room the first thing that struck me was how small & petite Cindy is, much more so than she appears in her profile pics, the other thing that immediately stands out is her skin colour, those sunbeds have a lot to answer for, I've never seen a white woman that colour before, more teak than mahogany. Her profile says her age is 46, I'd say definitely in her mid 50's but she is attractive and she has a friendly and playful personality.

Got the paperwork sorted, and when she came back into the room I was standing at the radiator in my boxers, she immediately sidled up to me and started an impromptu kind of lapdance/twerking, which led onto FK and mutual fondling before we both ended up rolling onto the bed. Her tits are small and natural & not big enough to be saggy, her owo was quite light and sensous, lots of licking, after placing a finger in her tight little pussy the shag was on. She covered me up and had a good go at both mish and doggy before pulling the rubber off and cumming over her face and body.

All in all it was a decent punt and Cindy is a nice woman, but the overall flat set up, two girls and a maid, plus the waitng time(double booking?) means I can only give it a nuetral rating.  :hi:

5 review(s) found for SCOTTISH CINDY  linked to in above post (2 positive, 2 neutral, 1 negative)

Hey, good review. Shite that you were made to wait like that
(It can get a bit stressful can't it?) I've seen Marie and Kristin at that flat, (not a huge fan of Christina,  but love marie) Cindy is probably gonna be my first punt of 2016, I'm running out of over 40s in glasgow to bang quite honestly. I was just wondering if you can comment on her face? There have been mixed reports, obvioulsy it's subjective, but what do you reckon,  pretty lady? The skin thing don't bother me, I love the leathery look for some reason.

Offline Jock D

Put it this way, she has a much prettier face than Marie, so you should be fine with her.  ;)

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