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Author Topic: Group in different town each day  (Read 755 times)


A few days ago this girl caught my eye as Available Today in Bristol

Anya Sex - https://www.adultwork.com/ViewProfile.asp?UserID=1677021

Looks hot I thought - confirmed when I looked at her PG

Then I noticed an almost identical profile - ROSALINE SEXY - https://www.adultwork.com/ViewProfile.asp?UserID=1679331

And then another - Angel Only 4you - https://www.adultwork.com/ViewProfile.asp?UserID=1674732

Girls 1 and 3 are hot I thought. hmm. Then suddenly they disappeared from my Bristol search. I searched for Anya and found she was in Coventry, along with the other two. I set up a hot list for these 3 girls so I could track them. On 9th August they were in Bristol, and suddenly moved to Coventry. Yesterday they were in Nottingham. Today they are in Cambridge. I wonder where they will be tomorrow ... ? Coming to a town near you perhaps.

I am a relatively new AW user, but if I am wondering if this is likely to be a PG scam?

Offline Jacob

They could well be Romanians that are moved from town to town and often crop up in threads. If so you wont get any response to email and only texts rather than speaking to the girl. She will have no idea of what is on profile including Bareback.


Pictures are very often nabbed from Facebook and never have any nudity. I'd guess mostly Bait & Switch but am not going to find out myself.

Some of the profiles disappear rapidly and then come back under another ID, I assume because some guys have managed to leave some FB.


Thanks Jacob  :)

I made a pdf of Anya's gallery. Just checked and no nudity. Each photo looks like she's had a different makeover which seems to tally with your Facebook comment. I did reverse search her images and got a hit on an Italian escort site.

For me they're well dodgy and I will steer clear but I guess whether there are real girls behind the profiles is still an open question.

On a mission to cleanse AW of crappy profiles in Bristol - as far as I can make out even genuine agencies are happy to put total BS on profiles and reuse them for different girls simply because they cannot be bothered to do a better job of it.

If they want their girls to do business with us through AW they need to prepare accurate profiles for each girl. AW is their shop window and getting the shit profiles taken down presents the agencies with a choice -  communicate with us with some truth and fairness or not at all.

Some of the profiles disappear rapidly and then come back under another ID, I assume because some guys have managed to leave some FB.

Someone did leave FB on a similar profile a while back indicating it was some kind of sting operation run by foreign male gangs and he never actually met the girl but a couple of intimidating men.

If one does a adultwork search for 'princes' the 'pimps' piss poor spelling of prices you will see several profiles scattered across the uk all 'offering' similar services, and all moving so rapidly its a job to keep up with them.

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