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Author Topic: Party girl KENDRA - Maida Vale  (Read 612 times)

Offline mizoahmed

Tried to go for my third punt of the day (Yes I am that horny  :coolgirl: ) but had a shower instead, from the rain, in the middle of the street.

Communication with Kendra (aka Sarah) was perfect UNTIL I was downstairs! I confirmed booking on text an hour before but she disappeared! Called, text, nothing worked for 10 minutes in the rain looking like a creep in front of her place. As I had one horrible punt and another mediocre one today I was like fuck this I need to sleep.

The second I took the route home she texted 'Sorry my phone blah blah blah' 15 minutes later, then texted again offering a discount on my next punt (thanks but no thanks and YES you are getting a negative review even if you are a nice girl). To be fair to her at least said sorry 15 minutes later, and she does sound friendly.

I am an idiot because her profile is so old yet her name was not on UKP but her profile created on 2013! And I just found it now searching 'Irish Sarah' and found her old name with a lot of negative reviews (not related to communication though).

Time: 15 minutes. I booked a quickie because I know she does not offer kissing nor OWO nor anything basically  :D
Reason I choose her for punt: 1) I wanted to break a record of 3 punts per day, 2) A quickie at night was worth the money, 3) I never tried an Irish before, 4) she looks like a pornstar so I thought it was good VFM for a quickie
Repeat: never
Recommended for others: maybe/meh because clearly she does not kiss or touch or OWO or anal so I don't know wtf is she doing here :D and you can def get superb service for same money or less!
Location: Maida Vale but she moves around
Link: https://www.adultwork.com/2160203 https://www.adultwork.com/Party+girl+KENDRA+
Banning reason: Trash

4 review(s) found for Irish busty sarah linked to in above post (1 positive, 0 neutral, 3 negative)

Offline Belgarion

She does not look like a porn star

She's close to 45, fake tits and not a nice personality

Very business like approach. Also had issues maintaining an erection as there was a certain fishy smell

You dodged a bullet

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