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Author Topic: Anita love you - Harrow on the hill  (Read 753 times)

Offline mizoahmed

Anita love you -today after a horrible punt with another WG in NW10 (read my other review https://www.ukpunting.com/index.php?topic=80464.0) She was on my HL because I tried all the WG in the same apartment and I thought why not give it a quickie.

Decent communication. Up the stairs she was in a rush (I was like this is not my day because I just came from a horrible punt). Again in a rush went inside the room, wanted me to take off my clothes quickly with no foreplay whatsoever.

OW for about 4 minutes (her profile says OWO at discretion, anyways did not ask), then she asked for sex, and I told her 69.

Did 69 for 1 minute and then she rushed again to sex which was so annoying because I just started enjoying this fking day.

Doggy for 3-4 minutes and I came. She kept asking me 'Good service' 'Good service' in her horrible English trying to make me post a positive review which will not happen.

I gave it neutral (to negative) because compared to the quickie I just had this was great. And she might (just might) be better in 1 hour. The reason I rarely book less than an hour is because most WG rush if you book anything less!


Repeat: No way (I will repeat with the girls next door Rebecca and Tanya!)
Recommended: No (Again try the girls next door)
Location: Harrow-on-the-Hill behind HSBC
Communication: 0.5/10 ENGLISH ... sign language comes hand!
Apartment: with CuteRebecca (Good VFM) and @DELUXE TANYA@ (best WG ever)
Time: 30 minutes (left after 15minutes)
Price: 40
Banning reason: Trash

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Offline Tonypatel1966

Hi mate,
I just read your comments regarding cute receba, has the flat moved? As I saw her next door to oneils pub two weeks ago and didnt like th enteranxe.

Banning reason: STD allegations

Apartment: with CuteRebecca (Good VFM) and @DELUXE TANYA@ (best WG ever)

I've been to that flat to see Tanya. I'd seen her in Hendon a few times. "best WG ever" sets the bar very high, but yes, she is great, and I would happily recommend her.

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