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Author Topic: Tie and tease Cici Cloud9 - Bayswater  (Read 525 times)

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My first review here and unfortunately not a good one at all!!!


Thought I'd go for a tie and tease massage. Phoned up to find out rates and said £100 for tantric body to body massage and £150 for tie and tease. The girl on the phone spoke good English so thought i'd give it a shot. Booked for one hour and turned up there. Firstly very public place in the middle of Bayswater and access is on the main road. Everyone looking at you walking in.

Got there and got invited in straight away. The girl opened the door and slim chinese girl in her lingerie. Attractive in her late 20's. Got to the bedroom and confirmed the rates and thought fuck it. £150 for the tie and tease massage. Bare in mind this is a different girl than the one on the phone so her English isn't great and that's me being generous.

Stripped off and ask her for tie and tease. She says yes and starts to massage me. Just a normal massage nothing special and kept going for half an hour. I stopped and asked when the tie and tease would start as that's what I paid for. She says Yes Yes definitely and carried on massaging. I thought to myself let's be patient. Then started rubbing her tits on me and I thought YES FINALLY! But despite my optimism no tie and tease. Carried on with a half hearted body to body and asked me to turn over.

Starts rubbing her tits on my front and giving me a HJ. I asked her to slow down and tease me where she just started licking my nipples and carried on like no man's business. At this point and 45 mins into the massage I gave in and came. After which she carried on with a normal massage to finish off the time. At the end she asked me how she was and I told her I paid for tie and tease and she just gave me body to body so I'd rather have my £50 back at least. She says OH SAME PRICE! I said NO you confirmed and so did the girl on the phone that it will be £100 for the tantric and the extra £50 for tie and tease. Pulls her phone out and brings out GOOGLE TRANSLATOR and asks me to speak into it so it can translate to chinese as she couldn't understand me. OH GOD!!! So I did so and when she read it in chinese on her phone she said OHHH U MEAN TIE AND TEASE!! In my head I was like DUHHH WTF have I been saying for the past hour. Asked again for the refund and the only response I got was NEXT TIME from the google translator! By this time I had enough and thought fuck it. Came back disappointed with a shitty HJ and a half hearted body to body massage that I could've got for £70.

Not worth wasting your time with this one as their concept of basic English is terrible. Better off spending money elsewhere. If anyone else knows any DECENT Tie and tease massages please let me know if your replies.

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