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Author Topic: Sassy Anna - Swindon  (Read 1918 times)

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https://www.adultwork.com/2612221 or https://www.adultwork.com/Sassy-Anna

Anna had been on my hotlist for a while due to the picture of her rather impressive arse on her profile, but with a limited list of services and lack of face picture I had been hesitant to book her. Recently she posted up profile picture which showed her lower face (now gone again) and it was enough for me to decide that I'd like to try a booking with her at some point. With my regular on holiday, I decided to go for it and was happy I did as I had a nice time.

Very good. I tried calling at lunchtime to make a late afternoon 2 hour booking. There was no answer to the call but I left a text message and received a courteous reply back about 20 minutes later. Arrangements were swiftly made then by follow up texts with prompt replies.


Anna is based in North Swindon (not far from the Orbital shopping park if you look on google maps). The location is easy to find by car but for those of you who travel by rail, it's not really walking distance from the rail station. Parking is straightforward with plenty of places to be found on the road outside her flat.

The flat itself is on the ground floor accessed via intercom from the street. Inside is very clean with a well stocked bathroom. The comfortable bedroom which she works from is furnished with a double bed.

About Anna

Anna is really beautiful British Thai girl. Her profile states that she's 31 although she's actually mid-30s. Facially I'd say she's 8/10 and with a 9/10 body. There's no doubt in my mind that she's one of the best looking WGs I've seen so far. She speaks perfect English and I found her to be interesting conversationally.


I was a little unsure what to expect as the service list on her profile is fairly limited but I went in with an open mind and had a great time.

Anna met me at the door dressed in a pair of lingerie briefs and a camisole top. First impressions were that she looked stunning. She took my coat and asked me to leave my shoes at the door before asking me to use the bathroom sink to clean my hands and freshen my breath.

Proceeding through to the bedroom, we chatted briefly and settled the paperwork. Anna offered me a selection of drinks and then left the room for a minute to stash the cash and fetch the requested glass of water.

Rejoining me in the bedroom, Anna sat me down on the bed and moved in close so that I could admire her gorgeous figure. She is scrupulously clean, possibly to the point of obsession in that she even checked that I had used the mouthwash in the bathroom before allowing me to suck on her nipples as I undressed her. She does not allow kissing or oral on her.

Her service focuses on massage and the massage is very good. She claims to have been trained in it and I'm inclined to believe her, I'll certainly sleep well tonight after it, that's for sure.

Before we got down to business proper I was offered the use of the shower facilities and then I rejoined her in the bedroom. She lay me down on the bed and proceeded to give me a prolonged all over body to body massage which was really rather good. Turning me over, she massaged my front too culminating in covered oral. After a while of this, we switched position and she enjoyed receiving massage from me before allowing me to finger her with a couple of condom covered digits while I massaged her pussy mound with my other hand. We then moved onto more covered oral on me, sex in doggy and then finished off with covered hand relief and breast relief. All activities were partaken in enthusiastically. The sex wasn't mindblowing but it was enjoyable. We finished up with maybe 20 minutes to spare and lay on the bed chatting for a while before I took another shower and said my goodbyes. At no point did the service feel rushed.


- Good comms.
- Nice location, easy to reach by car and plenty of parking. Not so good for train travellers.
- Great looking girl and pleasant company.
- Very mindful of cleanliness.
- No kissing.
- No reverse oral.
- Great massage.
- Covered oral, sex in doggy, hand relief, breast relief and fingering.

If you enjoy erotic massage with a happy ending, I'd recommend her. I'd consider seeing her again.

If on the other hand you're after a more sex focused booking then maybe she's not for you.

1 review(s) found for Sassy-Anna linked to in above post (1 positive, 0 neutral, 0 negative)

Offline Cunning Punt

An extremely limited service and doesn't sound much fun for me.

However, Im glad you enjoyed and thanks for a detailed, balanced review.  :hi:

Offline pking_paul

penetration isn't in her list I notice? Good to know she is up for it though.

Offline Not_today

Great review, thanks for the heads up - she looks tidy !

Offline Uoti2

'Scuse my bumping this thread, but I can't be the only punter who read this (very well-written and informative) review and then had to read it again to be sure that it really did say
she even checked that I had used the mouthwash in the bathroom before allowing me to suck on her nipples
finished off with covered hand relief

Covered hand relief? She'll wank a chap only while she's wearing Marigolds?

Anna has been on my list for a while, but after reading this review, I won't be visiting her. I'm grateful to JSB and of course UKP for saving me some money, but I'm very disappointed in Anna. Her profile looked so promising...

She was very particular about cleanliness. I found the mouthwash thing a bit odd which is why I mentioned it my review.

To clarify your second comment though, the covered hand relief may just be due to the particular circumstances at the time as it kind of followed on naturally from the covered sex and oral. I can't really say authoritatively whether uncovered hand relief would be available or not.

Thanks for the review,

Initially as I read It I thought - yes! i'll defo see her. but the more I read the more i decided I wouldn't get going with no RO and with covered oral and fingers etc! sounds a bit clinical.

Glad you had fun mate

Offline 123Mel456

Just spotted her on AW and as usual thought I would check here 1st for a review and have decided against based on this one
Bit too clinical for me, yes safety is one thing but covered hand job and can't RO has put me off - might consider if it is a juts a rub down i am after 
but real reason for writing is to say  thanks for the review, it helped

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