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Author Topic: Oriental Girl Zhuzhu - High Wycombe, Bucks.  (Read 1007 times)

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So I have a preference for Asian women and decided to try something different to the usual Thai and go for another Japanese girl. 

My first Japanese experience wasn't what I had hoped for and thought I'd try another to see if things could get better.



She states she is Japanese, she's actually Chinese.

Paid £100 for one hour.

Making the booking was fairly straight forward.  Made the call, phone answered spoke to the girl.  Had to repeat myself a few times but eventually got the booking made.  Was sent the full address by text.

Location was average.  It's on a fairly busy road outside the centre High Wycombe, a few minutes from the M40.  Parking was fairly easy less than a minutes walk from the house.  The entrance to her place is up some stairs on the side of the house.

Knocked on the door, an Asian chap answered the door and showed me to the room.  The guy was quite old so not sure if it's her Pimp, an older uncle or whatever.  He was fairly friendly.

The girl
Walked in to the room and she was busy watching a video on her phone.  In very poor English asked how long I was after, let her know I was there for the hour.  Weirdly and I thought nothing of it at the time, she spoke with her hand slightly over her mouth.  I handed her the money and she put it in a draw.  I stripped and she did the same. 

Body and facially I would say she is average in the flesh.  Twice I've seen Japanese girls and twice they have had fairly hairy pussy's.  I prefer my women clean shaven, if I make the effort the least I can expect the same from them.  I'm just not a fan of using pubes as floss!

There is a reason why she has her mouth closed in her AW pictures and covered her mouth partially at the beginning. 

The service
I lay on the bed on my front and received a very poor massage.  No teasing, no sensuality just a lot of baby oil and rubbing hands.  The whole time she was massaging me she continued peeking at the video on her phone.

Finally she turned off her phone and started to show some interest.  She asked me to turn over and as I did, I noticed her teeth.  Her teeth aren't great, for a young girl she had fairly rotten teeth with some missing.  On with the condom and she started a very loose mouth blowjob.  Did not want to attempt owo considering her teeth. 

She then straddled me and moved her body.  After a few minutes, she lay down next to me and asked me to fuck her missionary.  I asked her to get back on top and continue cow girl, but she said her legs were tired.  I asked for doggy and proceeded to fuck her from behind, this was actually quite good as she has a lovely arse and enjoyed it bouncing back and forth.  After a bit, I decided it was time to shoot, turned her over and fucked her with her legs in the air.

Condom filled with cum, I pulled it off and cleaned myself up.  During the clean up and getting dressed she perked up a bit and tried to make conversation.   Unfortunately, the language barrier made it a bit hard to converse.

Would I go again?
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