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Author Topic: Adultwork reverse booking deciding on price?  (Read 171 times)

Hi all

I recently discovered AW Reverse booking where you set the time date and how much your prepared to pay and girls bid.  You pay about £3 for this so girls know your serious.  I dont punt much anymore maybe once every few months

When i did my last RB near Gatwick i offered £130 for 1.5hrs (basic service) and got a few bids some from very popular girls offering half their advertised price

I am looking again soon for someone near Heathrow and wondering if £150 for 2hrs is reasonable? I dont want to set it too low so girls dont respond but equally i have hotel costs, girls save accommodation money but will need to drive here or get taxi from station approx £6.

Looking at the adverts on there, people are offering £130 for 1.5hrs and getting bids (as im not service provider i cant see quality of bidders) and others offering £200 for 1hr-all outcalls


Offline Dani

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The point is to put the price you want to pay. Some will bid at that price, some will bid lower and some will bid higher.  You may get a quality punt for 2hrs for £159 - £180 from girls who normally charge a lot more. Although if it's for the first couple of weeks in January you might not as these two weeks are normally quite busy

Offline Taggart

From experience, your replies will be from no-hopers, those that live miles away (and probably expect petrol costs too), many with zero feedback, and a selection who cannot match what they offer to your requirements.  You put size 8 to 10, and BBWs reply. You say dont reply with no feedback and they do, and then some want twice what you are offering.

I've given up on reverse bookings as they never meet my criteria, plus I can blame myself crap planning and research if it goes pear shaped. Given the Romanians in Feltham and Houslow, be wary.

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