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Author Topic: Early morning punt Leeds  (Read 412 times)

I'm going through Leeds early tomorrow and to save me messaging tons of girls has anyone seen anyone Pre 8am?.


Offline stevedave

Kendra is in town today...if she is staying overnight, she may be available for an early morning punt. Drop her a text, you never know your luck  :P

Bod saw her at, like, 7am I think  :drinks:

Offline bod666

Yup I booked a 7 am punt with Kendra the previous night. She wanted me to text to confirm at 6:30am on the morning of the meet.  She then moved it to 7:15 which I could live with.

Perfect way to start the day!!!  :dance: :yahoo:

Offline bod666

No good just looked at her profile and Wednesday was her last day working this week.

Thanks chaps, didn't end up going after that  :dash: have a good new year!

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