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Author Topic: Sexymimi19, wonder annabelle or teen adele?  (Read 1382 times)

Offline D82

Hi guys,

Anybody seen all 3? Who would you say was best? If not which lady have you seen and how was it? All 3 are romanian i think but an willing to try.

Been a long time asian fan but i think as the year comes to an end i have finally lost faith in the thai/oriental scene in london.

Thanks in advance.
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Offline bungry

When I used to go for girls offering FS, I visited annabelle and mimi19.

mimi19: great tits but has odd face and had rash all over her arse.  She had that usual attitude of not looking interested and staring at the wall.  First time let me COB and second time handjob finish.  Allows fingering and all positions but no FK at all.  Overall good if you just want to unload.  Bit of an ugly pussy.

annabelle : very odd girl.  Young but has black tooth decay between all her teeth.  Allows fingering, works with mimi in same flat and has the same uninterested look attitude.  Good if you just want to unload.  Nice tits/nipples.  The odd thing is that she lubes your cock before putting on the condom!  This causes it to keep slipping off whilst having sex.  She also has OCD as well.

Out of the 2 I would not visit again but if you had to go for mimi.

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