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Author Topic: Chloe Plymouth  (Read 472 times)

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Offline Hawdit

Saw Chloe in Gents club in Plymouth, very well known establishment in Union St.

This was just before Christmas after I got stood up by jessejones.

Went for a punt in gents club as plan C.  The girls there are of a moderate standard usually but are a little lack lustre at times, though I have had many good punts there over the years.

Chloe was the only girl on duty and I was a little disappointed when I seem her because she appeared a little plump, but hell I was on plan C so what the hell. Pump and go.

Chloe is very pretty big eyes, black and very sweet natured.  She took the money and let me change.  When she undressed she revealed an astonishing figure, yes plump but firm and shapely rather than fat, very very fuckable. 

She then switch from sweet and helpful to full on slutty fuck bunny. She fuck and sucked me so hard I nearly came too early, but it didn't feel like milking.  She did slow down or change position when I asked her and constantly had a cheeky sexy grin on her pretty face.  The great thing other than her obvious enthusiasm is that she keeps eye contact the whole time, so sexy so naughty.

She will be plan A next time I am in Plymouth, and I will probably go for the hour, though may not survive to write a review.
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Which gent's club?  Or is it against the rules to say?

Offline Andyply

Which gent's club?  Or is it against the rules to say?

http://gents-direct.co.uk/site/ is it this one?
Better get the venue right one or it could be embarrassing :blush: as you talk to the person on the front desk  :cry:
Can I ask if oral was with a condom,  also isn't it a bit in the open, the entrance is on a main busy road and only day operating times only, they need a sneaky back passage entrance  :unknown:
Good on you for reviewing a venue often mentioned on here :thumbsup:
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Offline Hawdit

Yes that is the right one. The entrance is fairly open, but you go inside to ring the bell so all fairly discreet. Yes condom on for oral.  I have gone here many times over the years, the set up is nicer now it is just upstairs, the only thing that puts me off is there is occasionally a guy on the front desk, but he is ok.
Banning reason: White-knight twat making false allegations against membership

Offline Andyply

 :D good to hear  :D saw your earlier review of IndigoRose  ;) you have an eclectic escort taste much as myself, have you managed to resist UR since?   :hi:
We do need a discrete massage parlour in Plymouth where there are a few girls on duty to choose from, that's why I always saw new escorts as I liked the prelimary chat and a chance to eye new goods before the action started.  It's slow and sensual with IR isn't it, always took me at least 10mins to take her clothes off, I think I enjoyed much as yourself H.
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