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Author Topic: Sasha_Seduce - Birmingham  (Read 921 times)

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This is my first time using this site to do a review, previously I have just used it to gather feedback and check on punts to make sure they have good reviews. A cold Tuesday night I was sat at home and though id have a quick flick through AW and I stumble across this profile:


Now at first I was unsure as there was not many pictures and limited feedback, but this isn't my first time to a rodeo and seen quite a few girls before some with limited feedback and it worked out well;
Lucy Barker
Peaches Delight
Naughty Sarah
English Beauty AJ
Kate Louise
Keisha Kane
Eden Adore
Amongst others, however I felt compelled to right this review purely on how bad it was, I have had weird experiences before while punting but this was just down right dreadfull. Firstly I am not sure where she has sourced the pictures from but tight and toned body is certainly not accurate at all. Comms initial phonecall to organise a time for a 30 minute booking and a few details followed by a text off Sasha to give me the details (a hotel in Birmingham), the best part of the punt. Like I said before I arrive early at the hotel get up in to the room where I am greeted by someone a few sizes plus of the one in the pictures. she then decided to tell me to get naked and as I got undressed she text on her (guessing) personal phone for a cuddle and massage, we lay down no kissing of any kind, she massaged me for a minute max back to texting on the phone, told me to turn over as she finished her text put a hat on the old guy and start giving me a adequate BJ, poor to be honest but I'm being generous! after another minute of a average BJ she had another text so off she went to which she then told me to get on top of her and fuck her. so I didn't hesitate, I started off slowly getting faster as per legs up on my shoulders and she stopped me going even half way in... a tad of distant dirty talk and one liners here and there for her to which instantly turned me off because of the way it came over to which 10 minutes went by and I did something for the first time ever with a WG, faked I had cum pulled out pulled the comdom off quick so nothing was seen got dressed and said bye as she texted away, checked my phone and all of 14 minutes went by... shocking service, not accurate decription and the phonecallwas the best bit, AVOID AVOID AVOID!!! :dash: :dash: :dash:

Now I am sat a home writing this getting even angrier while on AW and here trying to find a reputable WG for tomorrow, Ideas more than welcome!

1 review(s) found for sasha_seduce linked to in above post (0 positive, 0 neutral, 1 negative)

Interesting reverse image search results.  Is this who you saw?


Hell to the no... That is not who I saw at all! Clearly a big of a fake as they come, she was at least two sizes bigger than that with abit of a belly (I am not an Adonis myself)

How good was Kate_Louise, I've always been interested in her but her rate at £200ph is steep, even more so if it ends up a terrible punt!


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