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Author Topic: Favourite position  (Read 949 times)

Offline cueball

Doggy is my favourite, the view is great and I can seem to pop in command. Mish is great for the passion (close contact & snogging).

Least favourite is reverse cg, don't know why but I get very little from it.

Offline itk

1. Reverse cowgirl
2. Her bent over corner of bed on her front
3. Standing up both facing the wall

Offline lcb

for oral

the boss - im seated with her kneeling
face fuck - her lying and I kneel over her


missionary and doggy

her closed legged doggy is good gives a tighter sensation

My top 3
#1 - Cowgirl. Nothing beats a girl doing most of the work and you just lie there enjoying her thrusting and breasts wobbling in your face.
#2 - Sitting / straddling. Either on a chair or bed.
#3 - Doggy but with her lying more flat with a couple of pillows tucked under her tummy.

Offline uutarn

Wish i was more confident in sexual positions other than the 3 usual ones... :dash:

For me at the moment is closed leg doggy, and for a BL item, pretzel, though would have to find a rather flexible WG to do so.

Offline Tom5334

My new favourite is Prone Bone, and I recently had a go at anal prone boning a girl, highly recommended.
Banning reason: Trolling

Offline Urban_G

I like to finish while on top with the girls legs up and me holding them behind her knees, can get some nice deep thrusting like this :cool:

Offline the_exile

5. Stand and carry (most WGs are too scared of being dropped to do this, only really works if you are strong and the girl trusts you)

Just spotted this, yes, also a great position. I've done a variation on it with me standing facing away from the bed and the girl putting her feet on it while holding me around the shoulders, my hands locked around her bum. Felt fantastic! This was with a regular WG who was a bit worried about being dropped at first!

Mine has to be the 69 for the simple reason I like to see my meal before I eat it  :yahoo:

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