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Author Topic: maggie21 - London, Earls Court  (Read 1542 times)

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Offline tikika


As I have found helpful information from this site In the spirit of the new year I thought it was about time that I contributed and posted some reviews from my punts for this year.
This is my very first one, so I hope it is ok and I cover everything that is useful. (Credit to virtualwaster whose template for a review I used).  I hope to do some more after this.

This was back in May, I was up London on business and had time to fill in the evenings so one night I made arrangements to see Maggie for an hour.

I tend to usually always book in advance and use email beforehand, so firstly over email contacted Maggie to see if she was available the week and day I wanted.  Emailed back within a few hours and asked for a booking request, which I put in and she then emailed the address she would be at.
On the day she texted to see if I was still on for the meeting.
Comms was good for the meeting.

Given to me in an email earlier, easy to find serviced flat just 5 mins from Earls Court.  A buzzer to get in but this was not working at the time, then just a case of walking along to the elevator and down to the flat.

The Girl
She is tall, which I always find somewhat off-putting, but attractive face and nice body.  Big enhanced tits which I have to be in the mood for and I was today.  Talkative and easy to talk to.  Pictures are an accurate representation of her.  Really got into the session so much so we ended up wrecking the bed she had there.

Arrived at flat greeted with a kiss and brief chat to discuss services, offered a shower but as I had before I left the hotel declined but just freshened up.  Came out and sat on the bed together and started to deep kiss me while rubbing my already hard dick through my jeans. 
Had sex in a few position and then I asked to try anal (extra £10), which was the main reason I was there, she was enthusiastic in wanting this so I moved into position for this and seemed to spend longer vigorously fucking her arse than in normal sex.

I like to usually finish with a CIM or facial, maggie don't do CIM so a facial it was, moved into position and while I gave a facial she played with herself with a toy, whilst unloading she pretty much squirted like mad all over the bed stand and wall.  After this she cleaned up and then we talked until time was up.

Would I go back
Yes highly recommended, if back up London would like to see again.

45 review(s) found for maggie21 linked to in above post (44 positive, 1 neutral, 0 negative)

Offline Sonny Crockett

Good Review!!!

She's someone who I had on HL (she offers PSE with anal), but never got round to seeing this year!!!

I may consider seeing her if I ever return to punting!!!  :)
Banning reason: Troll

She is a top girl - She used to offer CIM for an extra tenner, but for some reason she has stopped now ;(

I've seen her twice and need to see her again. Seems like she squirts lot more readily now.

Offline uk01punter

Any idea as to where she may be from?

Banning reason: Making STD allegations

Offline Kaluuu276

She is on my radar for my first ever facial.

Keeps working from various locations so will wait until she is at Earls Court.

I remember she once attended the first and sadly only one gang bang party with her friends
Platinum Cindy and London Lucy though couldn't attend that day.  :cry:

Offline tikika

uk01punter - Not sure, think she may be polish.  Not from the UK but would have been here for ages I'd guess.

Platinum Cindy was my first punt in London and first anal experience, another top girl.  That must have been quite the party nawaab46, sounds like it was fun.

Offline Kaluuu276

Yeah, about 8 very lucky bastards with 3/4 top AW ladies. :wacko:

Non stop adulterated action.

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