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I met Mila for a one hour in call booking which cost £170. The meeting took place in a well-known hotel close to Gloucester Road tube station. The room was more than adequate and was perfectly fit for purpose. There was no problem getting past reception.

She is currently known as Miss Delon but previously went by the name Miss Rendez-Vous. Don’t know why she changed her name.

Her rates are on the surface fairly high but she needs to cover the cost of the room and she does not necessarily have any other bookings. No feeling of being on a conve What is puzzling is why the rates for longer bookings are not priced more competitively.

Mila is Russian by birth but has lived in the UK for all her adult life so effectively British and speaks fluent English with a Russian accent. Her profile age is 39 but she has always been 39 and AW birthdays are not part of her life! She told me she was 42 which seemed about right, although could have been a year or two older.

Facially she is still quite attractive. Certainly not a stunner but OK for a lady in her 40’s. I would rate her 6.5/10.

Mila was dressed in a pencil skirt, tight white blouse, stockings, heels, hair tied up, make up. It was a sort of slutty secretary look which I liked. She had clearly made an effort to look her best and had polished up quite well.

When I was let in her room she was welcoming and we immediately engaged in some light FK. I started to explore her body which felt very womanly.  Mila clearly looks after herself and works out at the gym and still has a good figure for her age. I was getting aroused and it felt like a good start to the punt.

Mila asked whether I needed a shower and I said yes as I had been travelling on the underground. She said she needed one too so we undressed each other and jumped in together. Ok it was a little awkward in a shower in the bath as there was not too much room to manoeuvre but we got by and managed to explore each other bodies interspersed with some more kissing and even wash each other a bit. The shower together was unexpected and a nice touch.

We got out and dried ourselves and each other. Mila then lied down on the bed expectantly and I needed no encouragement to join her. We started with more FK which got progressively deeper. Mila clearly enjoys kissing and was clearly getting more and more aroused holding me closer and rubbing her fingers down my back which was very seductive. Mila’s hair is dark brown and wild which rather suits her personality. I moved down and gave her ample breasts some attention which she enjoyed with gentle moans. I was hard by now and Mila could feel that on her body. She broke off from the kissing and said she wanted me to fuck her. Well a gentleman can hardly turn a lady down given that she had asked so politely.

On with the condom and we started in mish. Mila was already wet so no lube needed for her. She was very responsive and made lots of noises, not sure how much was genuine, but it was turning me on and I wasn’t sure that I was going to last long. She lifted her knees up to her body and wrapped her legs around me applying pressure to my buttocks with her feet for deeper penetration. She ran her finger nails down my back. At this point I had visions of being Michael Douglas in the film Fatal Attraction and leaving with finger nail marks down my back and was a little uneasy. That would have needed some explaining! Fortunately no such thing happened. I could hold on no longer and released my load for the first time. Mila did not immediately get up and run off to the bathroom to tidy up like so many girls do. We continued to lie together, bodies entwined, stroking each other with some gentle kissing. It all felt very good and was a nice way to finish round one.

After a tidy up Mila suggested she give me a message which I was happy to accept while I recovered. She is a good masseuse and has had some training and knows what she is doing. This included a prostrate massage which is a particular speciality of Mila’s.

It was then my turn to give Mila a somewhat more amateurish massage but I enjoyed exploring her body. When she turned over it was clear that her pussy needed some attention. Started off on the outside rubbing her clit gently with some RO, then finger fucked her until Mila came. She held my head tightly against her pussy.

Mila returned the favour and gave me oral which was deep and felt good. It didn’t take long before I was rock hard and came for the second time in her mouth. She continued to suck after I came and let my spunk dribble out of her mouth. There was no rushing off to the bathroom to spit out my load. She might have swallowed a bit.

We had a further round of sex and tried some different positions but I was flagging and didn’t manage to come for the third time but it was fun trying.

We finished with some gentle cuddling, caressing each other and kissing which was a nice way to relax and unwind at the end of the session. It felt like being with a mistress rather than a gf, not that I have ever had one.

There was no clock watching on Mila’s part. She stayed interested throughout and there were no time wasting tactics. She seemed to be enjoying herself as much as me and was in no hurry to end the encounter. I eventually had to make my excuses as there was unfortunately somewhere else I needed to be. Mila seemed disappointed I had to leave. I had a final quick shower but we were still kissing as I left the room and giving her breasts some final attention which she enjoyed. It was tempting to stay for another round but sometimes these business meetings get in the way of a good time.

I think on the plus side Mila was a friendly lady and has a great attitude. She was chatty and open about her life without being over the top and using it as a time wasting tactic. She clearly enjoys sex and is sufficiently experienced to know how to make her man happy.

If you are looking for a young girl or someone with model looks then Mila is not going to be for you but in terms of attitude she is imo hard to beat. I would be more than happy to see Mila again and have already done so.

https://www.adultwork.com/2038178 or https://www.adultwork.com/Miss+Delon

2 review(s) found for Miss Delon linked to in above post (2 positive, 0 neutral, 0 negative)

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