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Author Topic: Frankfurt report Dec 2016  (Read 1252 times)

Got to Frankfurt Sunday. Will post some reports here.

. This not a punting holiday as such, more of a get away from everyone, have some decent beer, go walking, chat up some girls, and most importantly find some good eats holiday.
. I am aware that fewer girls will be around due to holidays but I decided to check out what's here.

I initially wasn't feeling well when I landed and so plan was to sleep at hotel. On the plane landing I figured it would be best to skip RLD and the FKK clubs at leastvforv2 days and focus on food, drink, flirting, walking. Its not like I am going to come across a tall leggy blonde haired blue eyed beauty on a Sunday.
Got to hotel, showered up and thought let's just walk about the immediate area. Found myself in the RLD so walked about and the first Eros centre I went up had 5 floors. It was rank...I could smell a mixture of piss, cum, smoke...all the girls looked dirty and vile to me...all gypsy girls. This was about 1pm. One grabbed my arm and I slapped her off, the gave her the wagging finger. I figured this was a barebackers house.
I left and walked about some more.
Headed up one more Eros house and it was clean. Got to first floor and saw...a tall, blonde, blue eyed woman...! Wow...what a fucking fluke!!!

ALEXANDRA - 5'8 Lithuanian. Size 8. Facially 8/10. 30mins 50 Euros.
No owo or kissing. No shows for me. Sex was pretty good and aided by the massive mirror she had. Some odor from her fanny. Excellent find but will not return as want to try more girls.

MARIA - 5'8 German Blonde short hair, grey/blue eyes. 100-euro 30mins. I like her. But I imagine some UK punters may think she is arrogant. Has a dog that watchedus fuck...gave me a coffee from her espresso machine too.

ANON - petite girl, probably 19 or 20. Very pretty. 50€ 30 mins. Sex was tight for her, but did her doggy style to make it easier for her to handle. Nice chat. Romanian/or Bulgarian. Has blonde sister too.

Summary: quite a fair bit of tallenr - about another 9/10 girls I will look for next time.

Next day around 7pm.

€75 to get in.
€30 euro return trip taxi from Frankfurt main station (included 5€ tip, my choice)
30 girls on and off. Very few Guys.
Really good food! Real variety.
30 - €50. CIM - €50.

. Lulu - killer porn/glamour model brunnet, 5'6 Austrian. Tattoos over legs, back, arms. Facially 9/10. Dress size 6-8. She was first girl I saw and immediately wanted her. Very smooth skin. Gorgeous fake boobs. OWO in proper FKK Style. Took the load in like a true champion and continued suckibg way beyond conclusion. She was one if the hottests girls there. I ended up her her again, and did some sex, but concluded in her mouth again.

. Annabella - Romanian. Dress 6. 5'5. Brown hair and eyes. Wasted 50€ on her. She made sex awkward, and tried to get me to CIM - but I refused. Odd thing - she looked really fit in main hall, but in room with brighter lights she looked less attractive facially...5/10

. Kylie - Lulu's friend. 5'7. German. Facially 8/10. Blonde hair, blue eyes, 5'7 dress 6-8. Tatoos across one arm (right). Incredible figure and boobs. Amazing owo CIM - really wanted to grind with her on round 2 but she left after 12am.

. Anon - forgot her name. Facially 7/10. German, blonde hair, brown eyes, 5'6. Dress 6. Smooth skin, great owo CIM.

Food and drink and walk today. Found the local bar area where locals go. May got Mainhattan for new-years or go on Wednesday.

More to come.

Any pointers please say.

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Offline Jerboa

Good to hear you're having a good time, you got a taxi to Palace, fair enough, but the U-bahn runs very close to the club. Famous Lulu, yes she's my type too, did she try to upsell you to the "special package" or was it your idea? As the German girls at Palace are renowned for this. But if you like the fake tit look Palace is the place in Frankfurt. You considered going to Sharks in Darmstadt?

So, all the girls realised that I was no mug. They knew I had experience and good knowledge of how things run.

Shark, Mainhattan, oase is other places I am considering, but don't know which is best place. I am a bit concerned if I got one place then there may be no stunners/model like thin babes.

I have been fortunate that I got to go with the type of women very hard to find in UK, or stupidly over priced.

Not sure if I go FKK tomorrow night, or new years eve. You reckon turn out be better nye?

Any one been FKK last nye?

Offline Ben4454

You should try Berlin on your next trip. Artemis has a lot of stunners in it.
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Offline Jerboa

You should try Berlin on your next trip. Artemis has a lot of stunners in it.

Yes if he likes big siliconed titted barbies then Artemis is a good call.  :thumbsup:

You should try Berlin on your next trip. Artemis has a lot of stunners in it.

Had the please of going there twice and did a report already.

Offline webpunter

Yes if he likes big siliconed titted barbies then Artemis is a good call.  :thumbsup:
Jenna is awesome & in my top 10 punts   http://www.fkk-artemis.de/page/girls/jenna_new/


Went there after much consideration. Nice place but smaller than others.
Entry and robe: 65€ and all food and beer you want!
Taxi: 35€ return from main station.
Girls: 25 - some left and only 1 or 2 came in.
Girl quality: all Romanian. No stunners. Most are attractive, but nothing you cannot find in London/UK. Problem is mist look like they came out the same womb...many had that typical upset, pissed of Romanian look.


ANON - Moldovian (bollocks difference realy). Wish I got her name.5'5 dress size 6. Black hair, dark brown eyes. Facially I thought 7/10 but on closer look in room,more like 6/10. Disaster punt. She kept pulling condom and tightening her hole making pebetration hard. Tried to get me to CIM, but I thought no way...I want to fuck. Lost my temper, and really wanted to sandwich her between the floor and the overturned bed. She tried to apologise, but I ignored her. Maybe I should have complained, but I didn't.

ANON - Spanish girl. Cute, young, 5'5 most distinguishing girl there as she was clearly Spanish. Size 6/8. Face 8/10. Good grind with her. Initially wanted CIM but she asked for extra 100€ and I said nope!

ANON - blonde thin, closest to model looker. 5'7. Blonde, brown eyes. Wore black glasses. Owo with fast grind. No CIM due to teeth. She and her other friends were fleecing a poor timid Japanese man for shots if tequila, and chocolates. I thought that was pathetic of her. But then I got drunk and wanted to fuck her. She would be more attractive if she didn't walk about in a timid bimbo fashion...her does it like a dumb timid librarian than a bimbo blonde. Made sure she removed glasses duringvsession as the made her look weird (a bit like Kim jong I'll).


Felt like the left over scraps were remaining at work in the club. Got lists of beer etc. Nice club. No up selling. Girls did not harras punters. Would never recommend in winter/Christmas.
But I went there so will not be left wondering.

Offline chris44

Good reports flyingbreadman, been to Frankfurt a couple of times this year and had a good time in the RLD
 Some decent shags for 25/30 euros. Never going to get gfe, but I tried the palace last year and you're not getting gfe there either for 100 euros and I dont like the plastic lips and tits look

Offline Mr Br1ghts1de

Been thinking about Frankfurt so thanks for sharing FBN.

Welcome people.

I ended up going Palace for new years and met a few new ladies, Lena (I think), and another who did pole dancing. She was blonde Albanian, and I did a dishonourable thing...guys were queing to see her and I had a trick to catch her...but she did convuce the other a that she will tend to them later, and she allowed me to grab her.
Also saw luku who really made the FKK visit worth while.

In conclusion, FKK is pure luck in winter...and not many lulus will be around. She stayed by exception.

I was lucky to meet a few awesome Germans, but that was by luck.

No more RLD for me...seen all that I wanted and sickn of it now.

Focus on walking, drink, food.

Be aware, one FKK club in city is now closed as of Nov 2015. This leaves palace and Mainhattan within city.

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