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Author Topic: Darlington / teesside  (Read 382 times)

Offline Darlobloke

With nne not starting back till next week it's pretty desperate here at the minute.

Who is reliable from aw in the teesside area?


Offline mrsaxon

Sammie from Middlesbrough and Josiexxx have had good reviews mate. Also jess1000 is a cracking punt.
I am on my phone so I can't post links but they are popular on AW

Offline Fin26

Banning reason: Posting bollocks.

Offline Darlobloke

Thanks guys. Dropped jess a mail see if she had any spare time.

What's may like? Her aw age hasn't changed in yrs so could be 60 now!

Offline mrsaxon

I saw may a few years ago and she was looking old then to be fair. She did have a cracking pair of tits but my main memory is of her throughly using wet wipes on my cock despite having a shower there. Really killed the mood

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