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Author Topic: NAUGHTY_STUDENT20 - anyone seen her ?  (Read 2020 times)

Anyone seen her, she looks hot ?


looking to treat myself whilst I'm thru that next of the woods.

Offline HappyCappy

Banning reason: Previously banned (Heyhoeletsgo) + Trolling on UKE (DavieBhoy)

Oh mannnn! I was too busy looking at her pictures NEVER noticed that.

Nationality shown as Romanian, text in the profile claims she is Russian and one of her AW reviews states she is Spanish.

Go figure.  :thumbsdown:

Offline Alexix

Nationality shown as Romanian, text in the profile claims she is Russian and one of her AW reviews states she is Spanish.

Go figure.  :thumbsdown:

Single malt whisky matured in three different cask types: Romanian, Russian and Spanish casks
:drinks:    :D
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Offline JazzMan

Banning reason: Slagging off membership

Offline MrFox

Glasgow Anna22 (Spanish) rebranded as Naughty Student20 (Russian), now as College girl20 (Scottish) based in G41, hidden feedback.

https://www.adultwork.com/3178709 or https://www.adultwork.com/COLLEGE%5FGIRL20

Very clear to avoid this one, but curious if anyone has actually seen this Spanish, Russian, Scottish WG?

Offline seeker

The hidden feedback says it all ... :sarcastic: :sarcastic:

Girls really shouldn't be allowed to change their profile names or have more than one profile .
That way they would value their profile and act accordingly  :hi:

Offline auldie63

FFS is there also a suburb of Bucharest called Scotland noo?
How does Sergi propose to get round the accent problem when calling his skanks scottish?
Puttin a tartan mini kilt on them doesn't convey nationality.
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Saw her when she worked in paisley earlier on this year as a plan c, no tits no personality but everything extra..

Offline seeker

Well that's a feather in her hat if she's whored in Paisley and survived
Paisley will definitely get its City status now .. .
Top Romanian hookers will be flooding the newly appointed  city
Selling their skanky  BnS arses. ..

Offline auldie63

Paisley has a Council in control of it to whom city status means not a jot, after all they have entered the place in the contest for European CITY of Culture. They really do have their heads in the clouds and know more ways to waste money than you can shake a stick at.
The place is a fucking dump yet they can find money for this shite.

The cost of mounting a bid to become city of culture is around £250,000. There are two Scottish cities in for it and four in England. So one chance in five!
Paisley should be in with a chance; it has Sticky Nicky. That's it.

Did I really write two plus four equals five? Hmmm.. I won't be entering 'city of maths' any time soon!!!

From her profile, ........''but the pretty shaten also has a naughty side.''  I dont want shaten on, as she has hidden her feedback, so I wont visit her.   She can go and shaten herself. :D
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