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Author Topic: Ban Sunakee massage Cardiff  (Read 658 times)

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Offline jawill

Popped into this place today after reading the reviews on here. Phoned first to make an appointment. Going in is a little dodgy thanks to the masses of people right outside the door waiting for busses!

Anyway, the place is like a long corridor with curtained off booths down the side. Nicole served me and I handed over the £45 for an hour oil massage.

There was someone in the booth on either side of me which is a little unnerving as you hear everything. Anyway, the place smelt nice and had nice Thai music going so I striped off naked and lay fave first on the bed with a small towel covering my arse.

The massage was actually very good. I went for medium and I would say it was the equivalent of a deep tissue massage in a normal spa.

We had some chit chat and every now and then her hand would slip between my legs and tickle my balls, followed by a giggle from Nicole.

After a while it was on to my back and only the towel protecting my cock. She adjusted it to massage my legs, and ticked my balls which were now exposed, followed by more giggling.

I did get to the stage where I thought nothing would happen as the hour was pretty much up. The massage was spot on so I wasn't bothered but at the same time her hands caressing my nuts every now and then had got me excited!

Then with a rapid hand movement the towel was off exposing my semi and she prodded it saying, you want massage there too. Lol. £20 extra she said or she would play with my balls and I could do it.

I asked her to do it and laid back, closed my eyes and thought of England lol. She was caressing my nuts with one and and giving a nice oily wank with the other, building up the rhythm until I came all over my chest, with my hand groping her ass.

She offered me a shower which I took and handed her the 20 as I walked out, feeling rather light!

So, my thoughts ......

Massage was excellent. Premesis are OK, but with the bus stop outside and punters in thebooths next to you and just a curtain to separate it's a little unnerving at first.

Nicole..... Was wearing a black top and leggings. Nothing sexy. And to be honest, I didn't find her attractive , probably in her late 30s, size 12 perhaps, but nice personality.

It cost me 65 in the end which thinking back and that I could fuck Carla or Nicky for 60.... It's quite expensive, though, like I said, the hour long massage was very good.

I probably won't go back there again, my curiosity has been satisfied, but I've given it a positive based mainly on the quality of the massage.

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