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Author Topic: Kendra Dee on tour in Birmingham  (Read 1112 times)

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I'd been wanting to meet Kendra for over a year and finally got to today :)

 https://www.adultwork.com/2597217 or https://www.adultwork.com/KENDRADEE

She came to my attention when she was on the rota for a Tudor Lounge party last year so I looked her up and downloaded her porn video and with me having a redhead fetish she was straight on my hotlist. But then she wasn't at the party so she's the one that got away until now.

I booked her via email and with her doing porn in the past I thought I'd ask her if she did filming for private use not thinking she would but I though I might as well ask. And I got a reply saying that she doesn't normally allow filming but she would give it a go with me for a extra £20  :yahoo:

So I got to Brum early and she said she'd see me early so this saved me hanging around. Her place is a apartment block in which was easy enough to find and inside it was fine. We got the money sorted and she then started giving me owo with me filming it and it soon got to nice so I shot my load and she swallowed :thumbsup:
Then a quick massage until she started giving me owo again and then it came to sex, With this I've always wanted to film being fucked reverse cow girl so I can watch it sliding in and out but I've messed up with girls in the past doing this as I didn't like the first girl I tried it with and lost my hard on so ever since then I've been a twat and panicked thinking I'm going to mess up again and have only managed it with the odd girl since :dash: But with Kendra I knew she was turning me on being a redhead and thinking about her in the porn she's done helped so I went for it and was fine :)
So after this we did a bit off kissing but it wasn't really french kissing but enough to get me going again and then we did a 69 as I wanted to lick her ginger pussy in which is shaved now, Then it was time to have her doggie style bent over the bed looking into my camera :)
And after another quick break I had her ride me to completion, By now I'd cum 4 times and she started giving me owo again and it came alive again so I finished the booking off with me on top.
So Kendra is only the second girl to make me cum 5 times in a hour this year and the other was Michelle Indy. So overall my redhead fetish had a big part in this and I really enjoyed my time with her and she's a nice lass.

I've not watched my filming back yet as I'm buggered now :wacko:

11 review(s) found for Kendra_Dee linked to in above post (10 positive, 1 neutral, 0 negative)

Offline davidgood


I am pleased you had a good time with Kendra and have confirmed she has gone shaven now.

When I have partied with her several times in both Bristol and London she had the full ginger bush which she said was to get her work on niche market porn shoots. Also had her tits pumped up for that  and they took a long time to heal and settle down.

I did manage to find a free film on the Net which is this Kendra rather than an American one. I suspect there is a lot more of her out there but probably only if you pay for it. Also her name/profile has changed a couple of times over the years.

She did used to promote a 'little girl' image at one time but her latest pics show someone more grown up and mature.



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