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    Author Topic: Tiffany Cameos Sheffield  (Read 3872 times)

    Offline NIK

    I see they have announced that Tiffany's prices have changed i.e. increased.  Like any other commercial institution when prices have gone up, or savings rates have gone down, they call it 'changing.' Only if prices have decreased or savings rates increased are they explict.

    This girl is phenomenally popular so good luck to her.  But personally I'm not really sure why. Maybe it says more about Sheffield.  :rolleyes:
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    Offline Ali Katt

    I've not seen Tiffany or even been to Cameo. I have heard good things about her, but I am never sure how true this is unless I have seen her or hear it from a respected punter; I have been let down reading glowing reviews before.

    I think it is counterproductive to put prices up in a credit crunch, I already see Cameo as being one of the more expensive parlours. I am not sure if £50 for basic includes OWO or kissing if it does it is good value, if not Thai Viste is possibly the only more expensive parlour in Sheffield. Fair play to Tiffany, I wonder if some of the other escorts working there will resent her or the parlour for it.

    Offline Tricks

    I was considering paying cameo another visit when I saw the price hike. As you know she was one of my modern day favourites. I don't think price increases are a sheffield thing, it's just that some prick has told her she is worth more than £90 an hour. She did not offer owo, anal or pse. So maybe they have been added for a premium? Ak you should give her and go If the new prices are not prohibitive:-D I would see her myself if I wasn't such a stubourn old bastard.
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    Online Steve2

    I saw her last time I was in Sheffield and she was head and shoulders above the other girls, not just Cameo but in all the parlours I visited

    Offline NIK

    I've seen her twice. First time not bad, indeed for a Sheffield parlour bloody good, but still not in the same league as Nicoletta or the other good girls I discuss in my book. Second time decidedly average. I don't think anyone who doesn't offer owo is in my all time greats.
    Ironically the first time I saw her she said 'You're easily pleased!'
    As everyone knows she couldn't have been more wrong! :cool:

    Online Steve2

    Quite a difference in price though Nik

    She is probably a bit "jaded" by now.

    You deserve a link Nik

    [[Link hidden, login to view]] and [[Link hidden, login to view]]

    Offline Tricks

    Just to close this thread out.

    I called Cameo at 10:30 (Tiffany was already there) She was free until 2:30. In thew old days you had to book weeks in advance for an early appointment.

     £60 1/2 hour.
     £80 3/4 hour.
     £100 1 hour.

    They should advertise the prices on the web site or at least extol her virtues to potential clients when they ring.

    I still think it's good value......did I go?


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