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Author Topic: Sexy_Cute_Lisa,Tufnell Park. Nice orally accomodating girl....  (Read 1089 times)

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Offline mrx007

This is her link: https://www.adultwork.com/2805524 or https://www.adultwork.com/sexy%5Fcute%5Flisa

After a strange experience I had a couple of days previously (gave it a negative) when trying to see this girl I took notice of her appreciative following and decided to give her another try. Especially as it appears she would be up for cim and facial pretty much guaranteed which isn't that easy to find.

Phoned Lisa, arranged 30 minutes, short notice, cost £60.00

Lisa sent postcode (which I already knew...). When I arrived. Parked up, no answer from the phone but answers to text.

(Parking: residents or some pay and display on plenty of sideroads and main road and free after 6.30pm)

Lisa opened the door in a nice figure-hugging red dress which has previously been mentioned on here. Tall in her heels (probably 4" heels), much shorter on her knees.... It's been remarked that she's plain but it depends: she does have  a nice smile but looks plain as her natural expression looks slightly serious if you ask me. She didn't have much makeup on and I think a bit more would brighten her up a bit. Was expecting a blonde but hair more towards red thahn I expected.

Shoes off in the hall. Bedroom is so small I wondered if she'd have enough room to kneel down. Basically the room is almost all bed, full width to the walls with a little space by the door partly taken up with a table.

Told Lisa nicely I wanted a BJ. She didn't ask "with" or "without". I got undressed, she knelt down on a towel (considerate sould that I am I asked if that is enough for her knees but she didn't know what I meant).

Got her to drop the red dress and lose the bra while she serviced me. Tits were a lot smaller than I expected. TBH I preferred her with the bra on.

Lisa gives a good deep throat blow job. Her eye contact is intense and she's up for anything and everything i want: face and tongue slapping with the cock, sucked both balls nicely, licked up and down the shaft, mouth fucking and she tries to look you in the eyes all the time if she can.

Wanked in front of her while she licked my balls and told her I want to cum all over her face. She said "ok" a little reluctantly but positioned her face nice and low and in optimal firing line position. Asked her to open her mouth as I wanted to get some in there too.

Shot a couple of streaks right across her face, from her chin to forehead and several hot squirts in her mouth. Enough to see it pooling impressively around her tongue and teeth. Coated her nicely.

Only downside is she got up pretty quickly and I could hear her hawking out the sperm quite noisily in the bathroom.

Overall a nice girl that I am convinced will do anything orally I want. I think she would have taken my entire ball contents fully on her face but i like a girl to taste it too. Not sure I'd return but she was well worth experiencing.

Although she isn't physically exactly my cup of tea she is fairly attractive and I have to say my balls were emptied in less than 10 minutes so I should have booked a "quickie"!

18 review(s) found for Top GFE linked to in above post (9 positive, 2 neutral, 7 negative)

Offline collector

Glad you saw her this time and had a good one. Out of curiosity, did you ask her about the strange guy?

Offline mrx007

Glad you saw her this time and had a good one. Out of curiosity, did you ask her about the strange guy?

No, I used a different phone too and went through the pretence of asking "which door" etc as if it was my first ever call. I thought it best not to ask in case that upset the flow too much with a girl I hadn't seen before. I have absolutely no idea what that was about previously but my desire to empty my nuts and see what she's like got the better of me last night.

Offline collector

Well done for using another number.

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