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Author Topic: Agency Advice  (Read 284 times)

Offline OnTheSly

Morning all, just wondering if anyone would be able to give some advice on using agencies for the first time.

So I've been a casual punter for just over a year now, tending to use AW as my main selection tool to find the perfect punt.  I have my favourites that I will always visit (all £120ph or lower) - but now I really want to treat myself with an amazing experience, and I've not found anyone on AW that fits that bill*.  So am thinking of trying agencies.

My perfect punt would be a petite, blue eyed vixen.  Small to medium chest with no ink and a stunning face.  Natalie Portman would be ideal - but she's busy at the moment and won't return my calls :)

Closest I've found on AW is Lucy Fox (https://www.adultwork.com/ViewProfile.asp?UserID=3056096) but RO is a need for me and she's now stopped allowing punted to DATY - such a shame as she tasted lovely.

I've been looking at Maxes Angels, Hamiltons Escorts and that Bejoix (or however you spell it) and a couple stand out as low-end potentials (geesss I'm a picky old git).  Any other good agencies out there that anyone would recommend - or even better if you know any ladies that might fit my needs.

Money wise, I'm willing to push the boat out for the right lady - but if all else fails then I'll just have to go back to my regulars and put that dream to bed.  Obviously if Natalie ever returns my call I'll be ending both my punting hobby and marriage in a flash ;)

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