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Author Topic: 2016 Wishlist  (Read 1813 times)

Offline The Rimmer

Okay seen a few over the years but still to see

Tori Taylor
and really like the look of BBW-Katia Rose
Would like to try a few duo's had Keeva/Savannah and have not really seen anyone who could compare, open to suggestions

Praying for Savannah to come out of retirement  :angelgirl: :angelgirl: :angelgirl:

BBW Katia-Rosie and Jessamy high on my list

Offline jarrovian

An overnighter with the lovely jenny of amour or super Keeva would be on my wish list, 2 lovely ladies who I would love to spend a good few hours with. Unfortunately the days of marathon sex sessions are over for me but they are great girls just to be around. It would however mean giving up my visits to the massage establishments in order to fund the stopovers but I am pretty much addicted to them :D

Offline Mansell

i don't ask for much so i'll settle for a steady stream of new-to-escorting 18 year olds with size 8-10 bodies, firm c-cup tits, tight pussies, an insatiable taste for cum and a liking for a cock up their hoop  :cool:

That's what's been missing during 2015, so let's all hope 2016 is going to be a good year  :lol: :lol:

Meanwhile I'll carry on enjoying myself, have one of the very best in the NE as my regular (long may that continue) and had a great 2015 as just managed to see all the top girls before they retired, Honey, Lily D, Savannah, Eva, Vicky etc. So I count myself very lucky  :yahoo: :yahoo:

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