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    Last minute xmas day booking!...

    I probably shouldn't have gone ahead but did, Had planned to punt xmas eve but family commitments put paid to that! My first xmas on my own so had a browse of AW to see who was 'available today' within 10 miles of me, Was about 5 and Ariana was 1st and only to respond, I have to be honest and say she is not the sort I would usually visit but I'm glad I did!

    Location: Coventry, Not far far from city centre, Plenty of parking, Upmarket apartment on ground floor, Tidy place.

    Fee: £60 for half an hour, £80 for an hour also £40 for 15 mins. I arranged for half an hour as I do with all 1st Time visits did ask for an hour when arrived but she had other arrangements.

    Services: All on her likes, As I said before not the sort I woul usually visit as no French kissing but at least she doesn't offered it on likes then not do it, Kissing on lips is fine but French kissing is just for her bf!

    The date: Was surprised how much traffic was about! Also surprised there was plenty of parking! Easy to find the apartment. Ariana is a 30 year old Czech lady, I'd agree with the age, Also her pictures especially those in uniform do not do her justice! She is a fuller figured very sexy lady, We started off with a sexy dance whilst some tranquil music played in the background, it was lovely to play with her big boobs and slowly undress her, We then got on the bed and her boobs and pussy got plenty of attention, unlike other girls I've seen she allowed being fingered and rather than just laying on her back was responsive and seemed to enjoy herself which is always a turn on, I know wg's are good actresses but she seemed to genuinely climax whilst her clit was getting tongue attention! I then lay on the bed to receive a BJ, Hood on I'm afraid but still ok! We then got down to the nitty gritty and I was really surprised while I was pounding her that she was using a vibrator on her clit, She again appeared to climax as I was pounding her, Eventually I shot my bolt then lay back while she removed the Johnny and cleaned my cock, We lay talking for a bit, Her English is ok but you need to talk slow! I then realised we'd gone over by a couple of minutes although she did not seem bothered!
    Worth a return trip, Most likely for an hour next time!

    Note: ariana has only been in England for 1 week, Coventry is her first port of call and would not be surprised if she eventually moved to a different area, She says she was in Thailand before coming to England.

    Offline sanj07

    I see what u mean shes not the type i would go for either masculine features going by the pics on adultwork atleast you was able to complete the punt with a smile  :rolleyes:

    Yes, I must admit when I got there I got the iPad out for a quick look to see what was on likes, was petrified when I saw cross dressing thinking it was a bloke or tranny!

    Offline velocity

    She told me on the phone that she does B2B Massage like alexa, I am wondering if we find the replacement of alexa
    Banning reason: STD allegations

    I did not really go through her likes list too extensively but a b2b massage would be good with ariana.

    Offline velocity

    Banning reason: STD allegations

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