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Author Topic: Xxx Brooks xxX Glasgow ......anyone seen her?  (Read 880 times)

https://www.adultwork.com/3058683 or https://www.adultwork.com/Xxx+Brooks+xxX

I thought I had read some stuff about this girl before but couldn't find anything.

Before everyone starts I know it says BB  :vomit: on profile but we know that isn't always th case. Her feedback looks very genuine even though it's limited and she has her verification pic so it can be viewed.

Facially looks ok ...... And her body pics look great.

Any feedback on her?

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Offline Rangerslad

Nationality British? If she's British I'm Jamaican  :wacko:

Offline giac

I think she is not British. Read her likes, look at the photo...totally artificial and, she does bareback!
To me it sounds like a dirty, junkie Rumanian....from whom I stay clear!
Banning reason: Undesirable

She does have a verified profile pic ....looks black or mixed race not romanian

I'd put money on her being Romanian.  Black and mixed-race girls usually use their race as a selling point, at least in Scotland where we're chock-full of saggy peely-wally junkies.

Young, cheap as chips with bareback, screams Romanian.

Edit:  having said all that, her interview says English is her primary language and she is of mixed race, but then that's user generated information and it's not like hoors to lie, is it?  I dunno, I usually don't give prossies the benefit of the doubt; if there's doubt then there's no doubt.
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I did text her no reply......

Also her feedback looks like from genuine punters........

Let's see if she replies.....

Offline auldie63

Merry crimbles Tazman, why not give her a ring and see what whoever answers sounds like.

Merry crimbles Tazman, why not give her a ring and see what whoever answers sounds like.

Hey same to you sir....hope Santa empties his sack down your chimney

I called her and she Wanstead british she said she was half british and half Spanish Im sure ....bullshit but did sound hot on the phone.

I text her then and asked for BB to see and she said yes love I do it..... :vomit: .......AVOID AVOID AVOID AVOID ...... :dash:

Offline Rangerslad

U can tell she's not British just reading the profile  :lol:

I was hedging my bets and sent texts to Brooks and Scarla about an incall.  They both work from the same flat and it's the same person responding to texts for both.  I know loads of girls flat-share for escorting but I have to admit that it generally scunners me and I took my business elsewhere. 

Offline Largeboy

Stay well away she Romania  seen her  and left after 5 mins 

Offline solway

Fake I would say.
Only 1 Brook - Lanarkshire girl GCEfrom about a year ago

Nice girl ,sexy as f---k,
If she still does the job pm

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