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Author Topic: Sexy_Cute_Lisa, I didn't just walk, I ran!!! Timewasting, bloke outside, WTF???!  (Read 1725 times)

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Offline mrx007

This is her link: https://www.adultwork.com/2805524 or https://www.adultwork.com/sexy%5Fcute%5Flisa

I won't waste words. Here's what happened:

Phoned Lisa: she said she could do a half hour booking that evening. She texted me the postcode and name of the road.

I drove there, was nearly half hour early so sent her a message to see if she could accomodate me earlier. She said she could and sent me the number of the building (not the actual flat number).

I parked up, walked to the number she gave me, saw there were several flats at each number and phoned her to ask which flat.

After a couple of rings went to voicemail. I sent her a text, received a reply saying "my reception is bad". This didn't help me know which flat so I asked her again by text.

No answer, tried ringing, her phone went to voicemail.

I felt a bit conspicuous outside the block so texted her again. No answer. Went back to my car and waited.

Received a text from her after a few minutes "are you coming". I replied "yes" and walked back to the building.

There I am again. Outside. 2 front doors, at least three doorbells. Phoned her. Voicemail. Texted her. A minute later: "downstairs, grey door".

Bear in mind I was half an hour early originally and all this text and non-phone answering ping-pong shit used up all that 30 minutes.

I was at the first floor door but WHAT HAPPENED NEXT was the WTF MOMENT!

The downstairs door opened and a bloke walked out. I thought "blimey previous punter". BUT: he walked out, went around to the drive next to the building and stopped. Then he saw me and looked up. He was youngish and I didn't feel scared but wasn't exactly going to knock at the door of a working girl's flat when he he's only just come out of there. He idn't walk away. HE STAYED THERE!

Anyway with him waiting outside and slightly put off by his presence and knowing smile this is what I did:

Walked down the steps, turned in the opposite direction to her flat and GOT THE FUCK OUT OF THERE. Punting phone switched off.

Checked I wasn't followed, jumped in the car, drove off down the sidestreets so I wouldn't go past the place.

Fuck knows what was going on. I went home. Wank tonight, punt another night. AVOID because I don't know what any of this was about.
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18 review(s) found for Top GFE linked to in above post (9 positive, 2 neutral, 7 negative)

Offline collector

Surely not the most discreet situation. Sounds like you find yourself unsafe and scared in the end otherwise why run away. He could just be his boyfriend or pimp knowing for sure what the prossie was about to do with you.
If I was in that situation I would have sent at least a last text.

Offline mrx007

Hardon lost - no reason to be there. Somehow the boyfriend or pimp waiting outside the door took the edge off the excitement.

Most would have walked before waiting nearly half an hour to get the flat number after arriving.

It's for anyone reading this to decide what they would do in this situation. I'm just saying what I experienced and I'll punt someone else another day.

Offline collector

Yeah only the half an hour waiting deserves a neg review. Lisa is in my HL, thanks for the warning. I'll be aware and cautious if one day I decide to meet her.

Offline king tarzan

seen her twice no problem at all..
second time when i saw her she opened door and said high with a big smile i walked in gently grabbed her and we started to snog very passionately and heavily groping her around that nice firm ass and muffins..
never a problem for me at least..

Offline mrx007

Maybe she had a row with the boyfriend over working on Christmas eve or something. Shame as I wanted to give her a nice face full of my fresh beauty product...

Offline mr420

getting there and actually getting inside can be tricky but imo lisa is a cool friendly girl with a decent service . . that room is crazy small though . . especially if you're quite tall!

Offline king tarzan

Saw her yesterday..
She looked hot in sexy red dress
Entrance snog
Bedroom physical activities all catere for..
Left for nice drive home in damp weather..
Showered and nice curry...

Offline mrx007

I reckon I'll give her another go sometime as she does look like a dirty girl.

Offline king tarzan

I reckon I'll give her another go sometime as she does look like a dirty girl.

Well worth it...

Offline mrx007

Saw her last night, much better experience. Just about to post a review...

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