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Author Topic: Hunni - pot plymouth  (Read 502 times)

Offline Andyply

Link to this Profile Page using https://www.adultwork.com/2793903
Profile always pops up at Xmas.  No phone number / PG photos however. Nice figure but is this a Xmas pg money making scam or true seasonal greetings?

Offline jlike

Now has PG and at £90 for a half hour she is a bit pricey in my view.

Offline Andyply

Sent an email, I think it is a non stater though......

Offline jankg

Sent an email, I think it is a non stater though......

Be interested to hear if you have any joy

Offline Andyply

I wouldn't bet my house on it...... pg scam surely..... :(

Offline Roth

Looks a bit skanky to me. :scare: :unknown:

Now advertising in Bristol.  Fuck all proper AW feedback in over a year of her profile being up - just one from a member no longer active. :( No number on profile.  :(

All the makings of PG selling IMHO.  :( :(

Offline raylondoner

Not overly expensive PG at £1.50 + VAT, but then I guess it's money for old rope if you don't actually work - no cost to set up a basic AW profile and withdraw subscription money less whatever AW deducts.

Don't think I'll bother though  ;)

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