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Author Topic: Upside Down Blow job  (Read 832 times)

Offline geordie44

any recomendations for girls who will do upside down blow jobs, of face fucking
ie  she lies on bed - head haging off and gives head?
Its not specifically mentioned in the lists at right side.
I saw one mentioned a couple of days ago now cant find the post  aarrhh

Offline Jason1971

Try Alexsandra. Can recommend her very much. Top service and she provides what you require well she did when I saw her.


41 review(s) found for xALEKSANDRA24x linked to in above post (40 positive, 1 neutral, 0 negative)

I must apologise for Jason. How rude of him to not trawl through the site looking for your wants. Shame on you Jason

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