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Author Topic: Outcalls to St Davids hotel cardiff  (Read 720 times)

Hey all,

I will be staying in the St davids hotel soon in Cardiff.
Just wondering what's the score wiyh outcalls here and if anyone has any bad experience with that hotel.

That hotel is fine, essy aaccess for the girls

Online Redevil86

5 star, one of the hotels used for one of the teams in the f a cup finely when held in Cardiff so can't be that bad, just make sure you have sea view and not a brow overlooking buteistan, aka somalevil !

Offline jtfm

Stayed here many times and have had lots of outcalls, never had a problem, the standard rooms are like spending a night in Ikea!
Banning reason: Accusing other members of being pedos

Thanks guys. Just need to decide who with now.

Offline MrBond

Easy access, and some girls not too far away! Happy Choosing! :)

Decisions decisions.
Any suggestions for a quality outcall Pse or dirty gfe? A levels a bonus but not essential.
Enthusiasm is key for me.

I have a Reverse booking placed so waiting to see what that brings also.

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