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AW link for Service Provider:  https://www.adultwork.com/2113642 or https://www.adultwork.com/%2E%2E%2EKerry%2E%2E%2E+

AW Public Photos:


I promised myself another punt if I could lose 2 stone by Christmas… I did, it took me six and a half weeks of sweat and tears, so here I am!  Motivational punting in action!

The venue was a hotel within the Bradford district… I’ll give no further details, least those mean, nasty, trolling cunters start interjecting.  ;)


Excellent;  I had been chatting to her for a while and had to change my plans a couple of times due to work commitments.  She also works full time and fits in her WG ‘work’ around this and other commitments.  I made an advance booking via AW and received full contact details by return. I also confirmed my booking on the day, to ensure there had been no last minute changes.

The Girl:

I had precious little to go on;  I like to have some idea of what they look like and even subbed to Kerry’s private gallery on AW but, alas, no face pictures, so I was feeling a little apprehensive when I arrived at her hotel room door…..

When the door opened she wasn’t what I was expecting (not in the sense I was disappointed); I guess I’d already formed a mental picture of what she might look like.
She’s quite tall, I’d guess around the 5’ 10” mark, slender athletic body type with large natural boobs.
IMHO she has a pretty face probably 8.0 – 8.2 on the UKP published Scale of FACE attractiveness.

The thing I really liked was her very gentle, almost shy demeanour, which really did give her that girl next door quality and gave me the immediate horn;  I suppose it all could have been an act, but she deserves a bloody Oscar if that was the case! 

Services Received:

1 Hour Punt @ £130 with Full GFE inc DFK, OWO and RO (no CIM).

The Action:

We started with a long session of DFK whilst items of clothing were discarded about the room, disaster struck when I couldn’t release her bra strap, which she quickly rectified and I was able to suck on those large natural boobies.

Her OWO technique is excellent and she could more than take my modest pecker in full deep throat as she bobbed and glided away furiously.  If only I could have left her there for the entire hour; but it was time to do some exploring….

I reciprocated with RO on her very clean pussy whilst simultaneously tweaking her pert nipples; she appeared to enjoy this and my furious clit sucking and was making all the right noises.  Next it was on with a bag and into a spot of doggy; the sight of that gorgeous arse pounding against my pubic bone was enough to almost make me pop, so we flipped over into a spot of mish which pretty much finished me off.

I really enjoyed my time with Kerry; she’s a fellow Gym bunny;  as can be seen from her athletic toned body.  She really enjoys Spin biking… if only she were in my Gym classes with the two Blond twins… now that would be heaven (or an awesome porno!)


Athletic, tall, pretty with a large natural rack.
Good GFE experience with excellent OWO.
Wonderful  ‘Shy’ girl next door demeanour .


She’s fairly expensive @ £130 per hour when compared to other WG’s in the area.


It was a pleasure to TOFTT with Kerry… I’d definitely like to see her again.  :thumbsup:

2 review(s) found for ...Kerry...  linked to in above post (2 positive, 0 neutral, 0 negative)

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Cheers for the review dober.

She were on the list already, she's just crept up the order

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Thanks for the mention, glad you have learnt from your previous errors.
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