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Author Topic: Sexy Lexi  (Read 816 times)

Anyone seen Sexi Lexi 38dd, on aw in borehamwood ?.
Could be seeing her soon if not and will review, hopefully.

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The accepted modus operandi is to wazz up the AW link - to save fellow UKP'ers having to search up the WG.  Especially if they've moved area

Afraid I don't know how to do that, not too good with technology, sorry.

I know the aw number is 2757323 or the other bit is Sexy+Lexi+38DD,
if any help.

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[[Link hidden, login to view]]
[[Link hidden, login to view]]+

This one you mean? Not really my cup of tea :scare:

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There you go - HP has reviewed  her for you, enjoy

That's the one hertsagent, thanks.

Saw her today and had a great time, nice English woman as per profile, lovely tasty pussy and a good ####, if your after a young good figure and good looking girl, go elsewhere, this is a woman. Will probably see again as in my area, not too far to travel, lots of fun.

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Is this thread a joke.     :vomit: :vomit: :vomit:

No joke, everyone has different tastes, it takes all sorts to make the world go round. Not really had good experiences with the ee girls, so try to stick to the English ones and have found the mature ones are good. :rolleyes:

Looks astonishingly like one of my old work colleagues lol.

But yeah, I understand the whole thing about older women seeming better and preference wise I find older women much hotter.

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Looks astonishingly like one of my old work colleagues lol.
Didn't realize you worked for Mr Kipling  :lol:

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