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Author Topic: Escortscarlett - South Leeds/Batley  (Read 916 times)

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Offline stevedave

https://www.adultwork.com/3198471 or https://www.adultwork.com/Escortscarlett

There has been a bit of chat about this lass recently on the forum, and having looked at her profile, I decided that I liked what I saw and could be tempted into a cheeky session with her...I initially made contact with her a couple of weeks ago to ascertain where she is based, and it transpired that her location is somewhere pretty convenient for me. Now, ideally I was waiting for someone to toftt and feedback, but nothing was forthcoming so I though fuck it, and fired off an email with a tentative request for the following day. I was quickly emailed back to say this was fine, and sent a phone number and postcode - the comms were first class.

I pull up in a quiet residential area on the outskirts of Batley, about 15 minutes early and gave Scarlett a call just incase she was ready, and my luck was in...we were good to go. Final directions to her house were given and 2 minutes later I was knocking at her door and being shown in...

Now, I'd been a bit worried by the lack of feedback and lack of face pics on her profile, she seemed to have a goodbody but how old were the pics? I needn't have worried! Stood in front of me was a pretty, slim MILF with jet black hair and a smiley face. Advertised age is 41 and this is about right, maybe a couple of years shaved off but whose counting...my impressions were that she is that older woman you see at a bar on a Saturday night and think "I reckon she's filthy"...and she is...

I was offered a drink but declined as I was eager to get started. So I followed her up the stairs, watching her pert arse waggling away in front of me, and admiring the lingerie (which was very nice, lovely stockings, French knickers and lacy bra - very sexy) and was shown into her boudoir. And a boudoir is what it is, a lovely big bed with black satin bedding. She turned around and started kissing me, passionately and deeply, no pissing about, this girl loves a good snogging, and somehow in the course of this all my clothes fell off me (weird, that) as did her bra, and I got to kiss and lick her tits, which are great, the tits of someone half her age and erect nipples like chapel coat pegs. She dropped to her knees and started sucking me, and boy was she going to town...not really deep but deep enough for me, and lots of attention to my balls which I love. I could feel the sap rising so asked her to calm down a little, which she did...though I mentioned I'd be able to go again...at which point she sat me down on the bed and got between my legs again and didn't stop sucking me until she had swallowed my first load. Lovely.

My turn to repay the favour, so more kissing and playing with her lovely boobs, and before long I was face first in her nice, tidy pussy. I did my thing, licking away, adding a finger or two and giving her arsehole the occasional lick and prod too, which really got her going. She became more and more vocal and before long was writhing around making some very loud, very happy noises. I'm always a little dubious whether a lady has cum, but I think this was genuine, she was certainly very complimentary!

By now the little fella was fully awake, so on went the johnny and she asked where I wanted her...I'm a lazy git by nature, so I lay back and on she hopped, and rode me hard. Genuinely, the sight of her leaning back while I was fucking her will stay with me for a long time, her tits looked perfect bouncing up and down was phenomenal...she may be in her forties, but really does have the body of a woman in their twenties (she told me she does a lot of running and also fucks a lot to keep in shape), and before long the inevitable happened, while she was urging me to spank her ass. Wow - this woman can fuck.

We lay back and chatted for a while, she's only been on AW for a few months but already has good feedback (not surprising, in my view) but apparently did escort when she was younger, so wasn't coming into the industry blind. You can tell she knows what she is doing, and she said she has a hyper high sex drive...I can vouch for that!

On the whole, this was an excellent punt...because that's what it was, a punt - a shot in the dark, a hopeful appointment that paid off in spades.

I reckon she has a lot more to offer, and I will definitely be returning in the new year to try out more of her services.

15 review(s) found for Escortscarlett linked to in above post (14 positive, 1 neutral, 0 negative)

Thanks for the review Stevedave  :hi:

Another lady for my ever increasing hot list  :D

Terrific lady good service and holds up well for her age, it is easy to believe her stated age could be true. bonus points for charging the same for outcalls. Seen twice first time was from a reverse booking and will likely see again in the new year when funds permit.

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