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Author Topic: Virginiaslim glasgow  (Read 678 times)

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There's a new girl in Glasgow in the springburn area going by the name Virginiaslim please avoid this skanky cow. First off I aranged to meet at 5 tonight. Got there at 5 to. Usual text when I get there. And was told I would have to wait 30 mins. I said no way then it was ok can u wait 10. I said ok. Her pictures on the profile look good apart from a blur over her face. She I real life is built like a starving grey hound. Her face wasn't too bad but when she smiled I thought I was going to vomit. Teeth like a rack of douts. She led me to the bed room which looked like something out of train spotting. I looked her up and down and gave her a pity tenner and left. She wasn't too happy but I'm not spending £60 on an EE junkie so like I said avoid avoid avoid

Must be this one...


Q: Do you do bareback? A: Yes I do!


1 review(s) found for Virginiaslim linked to in above post (0 positive, 0 neutral, 1 negative)

Lucky escape mate...I wonder what she spent your tenner on? ;)

Hopefully she spent it on toothpaste

Offline seeker

It says she does ANAL BAREBACK  :scare: :scare: :scare: :scare:
Did you not see this before you went .????

Offline David1970

Profile says she is in Edinburgh.
So your comment about Trainspotting is correct.

Offline daviebond

It says she does ANAL BAREBACK  :scare: :scare: :scare: :scare:
Did you not see this before you went .????

Its Anal bareback KISSING. Now that conjures up some horrid mental images  :scare:

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