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Author Topic: Sensual Secret Sarah - Surbiton - Positive once we actually met.  (Read 865 times)

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The short TLDR version - Great service (DFK OWO RO CIM Swallow) but flakey Comms and lead up felt very disorganised.

The Long version
Was looking for something fairly local to me for Wednesday morning.  The initial AW e-mail was sent Sunday mid afternoon, but it was still unread when I went to bed the next (Monday) night. A reply was written a few hours after that, saying she was away for a few days and to text Tuesday to get things arranged.  Not a problem, lots of people away at this time of year, myself included. Not a big deal (although it might be an idea that if you are going to be away for 2 days, to say so on your profile so people making enquiries know this)

Trying to get hold of her on the Tuesday was somewhat difficult.  One example was after phoning, (her profile says not to leave voicemails)  I get a text  saying that she can talk in 5 minutes. I reply that I will phone in 5 minutes then.  Phone 6 minutes later..... voicemail.  Then get an incoming call 3 minutes after that.  When I did finally get to speak to her she sounded very distant/distracted as she said she was expecting someone shortly.

All that said, an hour later I had a postcode, a road name, and a time agreed, with instructions to confirm in the morning, which is fine in my book. Sent a text Wednesday morning 2 hours before scheduled start time, got a reply back 45 minutes later.  Once I have my reply, I leave the house (wasn't going to leave until I got it).  Get to the place, and about 3 minutes before start time, I phone for flat/door number..... voicemail.  Send a text saying I am close and waiting for instructions/directions.  Get a phone call a few minutes later with details.   Am told the communal door will be open (it wasn't, it was locked) but I saw the postman go in a few minutes earlier so waited and he came out 20 seconds after I got there.

Once I actually get through her front door, it all goes smoothly from there on. Warm welcome, money given, bathroom used, drink offered. Looks pretty good, decent body and profile pictures accurate. She wastes no time and after some DFK, her dress is off and she is on her knees in front of me starting OWO. She very much took the lead, at this was fine by me.

Her blowjobs are excellent, and straight away you can tell she likes to do them.  She puts me on my back and gets to work. Can feel myself coming after 10-15 minutes, so swap to RO for a while, to which she is very responsive.  Back to OWO building upto a nice CIM and Swallow. Get some more OWO for quite a while afterwards too along with some slow kissing and cuddles.

Little bit of chit-chat, dress, drink and leave.

She did tell me about the previous few days events, and why she seemed so disorganised, which explains it. But from my point of view, I didn't have much confidence beforehand and was only giving it a 60/40 chance of the meeting actually happening. It might be fine for others in future, but I can only state what happened to me, and for me, it was slightly off-putting and not very confidence inspiring.

One possible negative.  She talks constantly (admittedly, alot of it is dirty talk if that floats your boat) and has a tendency to babble.  It doesn't bother me at all, but might annoy the living hell out of others.  Although, given she had my dick in her mouth for about 70% of the time, it was ok on the ears.

So bottom line, good kisser, long fantastic blowjobs which she enjoys giving, but iffy comms (which YMMV on).  All that said, everything came good in the end (including me)
1 Hour - £150

14 review(s) found for Surrey Sarah linked to in above post (14 positive, 0 neutral, 0 negative)

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