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Author Topic: Talita Bond?  (Read 495 times)

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Interesting profile, this is what I've discovered so far. Take a look at this
AW profile picture for Talita

The above MATCHES this picture from an Escort Listing website based in France
as follows:  http://d3hu31a76558gc.cloudfront.net/transform-w_170%3Bh_255%3Bzc_1%3Bhd_gexx/uploads/folder55a1135166c3e/register-55a11367c4b9a.jpg

Notice the watermark in the centre allo-escort of image above.

However, I think some of her blog pictures possibly resemble
the real AW Talita             NO HITS ON TINEYE/GRIS             NO HITS ON TINEYE/GRIS

Offline mrx007

Well done super sleuth, you saved me wasting my money....


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