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Author Topic: Wet Victoria - Hendon - TOFTT  (Read 1399 times)

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Offline OpalFruit


Keeping to my policy of not going off my original route in and around London by more than a few miles, as well as keeping to my budget, I sometimes leave myself with slim pickings. I expected this would be the case in the days leading up to Christmas.

After a few searches in the usual boroughs, I came across this intriguing profile for this Brazilian girl. No reviews on here, but quite a few on AW (for what they're worth) so figure it would be 'one for the team'.

Comms were good (mainly by text) and led to a high-rise block in Hendon (need to be buzzed in twice) off Bell Lane, NW4. Quite a busy area off the main strip, so you don't look out of place standing around waiting for the confirmation.... Wouldn't suggest the stairs unless you're very fit, however.

But I can imagine the area being quite intimidating after the commuters and shoppers have left, so be warned. It suddenly got very quiet as I re-emerged onto the street so wouldn't want to be doing it after 7 or 8pm. No tube station nearby.


60 pounds / 30 mins (was in and out in 25 mins)

I was greeted by a very pleasant lady (mid-30s perhaps), lovely smile and dressed in lingerie (sheer stockings, heels and corset). As soon as she opened the door and smiled, I knew I had selected correctly. She struck me with her enthusiasm, and remained pleasant throughout. She speaks English okay-ish. There appeared to be someone else in the flat too.

Not the best looking, but not ugly. Nice teeth, a good kisser, nice skin, and lovely smelling. She is about 5ft 4 inch with a bit of a belly (hidden well under corset) and a bit of a bum on her (not huge but nice and wobbly). Enjoyed my gentle spanking.

She began proceedings with a mini lap dance before mounting me (covered) after which I took her in my favoured position to a finish.

Had a pleasant conversation at the end.

Negatives - springy bed (can imagine neighbours below aren't too happy), not an area for late punting, and not much else.

1 review(s) found for WetVictoria linked to in above post (1 positive, 0 neutral, 0 negative)

Offline SamLP

Thanks for the review. I've been looking at her profile with some interest for the past month or so but never tried to book her. Was the kissing FK or lip kissing and did you get any oral/OWO?

Offline tristen92

I had an unpleasant experience with this one. She's nice enough, not great looking but for the NW London area she's not bad. She took two phone calls in the midst and let her random friend (not a flat-mate) into the flat during the action also. Killed the mood and she didn't seem remotely bothered by my annoyance.

Other note-worthy comments are that she does OW by default (didn't ask for OWO tbf), has a reluctance to kiss for very long though it is DFK, and seems to enjoy rough vigorous sex (explains the worn-out bed). Attempts DT and is quite good, though gets irked if you attempt to thrust or facefuck. Not the nicest of locations. On a plus note, before her flat-mate killed my mood, the sex was pretty damn good, despite her average body (flattering pics, particularly her arse).
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Offline OpalFruit

Agreed, kissing was open mouth, and satisfactory, if a little brief. Not DFK.

I'm not a fan of oral, so didn't explore. Although she did that trick of rolling on the condom with her mouth which is always impressive.

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