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Author Topic: Thai Massage Leicester  (Read 1890 times)

Offline Stickitin

Anyone been to this joint?


Pics inside look like it might be the place on Narborough road  :unknown:

Offline Owwhatanight

It says on Contact ...Ivy Road which is just off Narboriough rd.

Offline leicesterdude

I've not been.  But Thai angels, used to be the name for the thai  place at 211 - 213 when that first opened. They had the hottest thai girls there. But used to be £80 a hh. And £150 an hour which is a bit much.

But I had some nice times there. I'm sure if it's the same owners from there they will have some decent birds. I'll give it a go and report back.

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Offline Stickitin

Was just going to go now but the traffic was terrible and I ran out of time so I diverted to new Thai house instead  :wacko:

Offline pictisunum

I wouldn't bother at the moment. Driving back from Fosse Park and thought I'd check this out. The address (same street as Ladybirds back entrance) was in darkness and looks like there's building work, and no answer on either landline or mobile numbers. Perhaps due to open rather than currently open.

Offline ptkinguk

Hey I've been a few times whilst it was at 211 - 213 Narborough road which I'm sure it still is..bi usually call before to make sure I'm not im going too be turned away when I went I went into the first entrance and rang the door bell a woman answers the door (always in a night gown) she then checks you out and let's you in.. She then takes you in a  room asks you how long which you just pay for the massage she takes the money and someone else usually comes in I've had one or two bad experiences where I've had to ask to have a look at other girls as some aren't pretty at all. During the massage the girl will usually ask whether you want anything. "Extra" and make sure you ask what's included and how much because they tend to be abit odd when it comes to certain things and usually charge extra for things like OWO etc usually older Thai women at the establishment overall okay experiences just abit pricey However a really good massage! I'd say go try it out for yourself and let us know! Write a review!  :thumbsup:

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