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Came across this wonderful looking pics of this Girl, Called her to ask where she was from, she said that she's Greek. So i made the booking agreeing on a time for an hour, And didnt show up on time late by an hourand 15 minutes, and when turned up it wasn't the girl in the pics, she claims that she is the one, but nothing like her at all, so that she's here now. so i went ahead took her to my room, and I said she dosent look greek she agreed and said she was from Czech... straight away she took a condom out. and said she dosent do OWO or CIM, & then I asked her is it with her that i spoke on the phone or is there someone else taking her calls, as these days escorts got their own assistant to answer calls, she replied that she's the one who answers, then, when asked if she would do everything on her enjoys , she said yes on the phone but didnt provide it..dis agreement after taking off her cloathes she dosent want to do it(Cim, or the least OWO,, and oh my dear would she do anal or pussypumpimg,). lacked any kind of interest.
I asked her if not do something then why state it on the profile & lie to customers? she claims that she hasent seen the profile & it was created by her, but her friend. loads of BS, i hardly got any erection..an utterly Bitter experience.. No more Outcalls for me.. :dash:

1 review(s) found for NaughtyXbritney linked to in above post (0 positive, 0 neutral, 1 negative)

A GRIS analysis of this particular picture
comes out with results for a Czech Porn Actress by the name of Whitney Conroy.

Take it you were fleeced out of £120 then? Thanks for the warning and better luck
next time.


Thanks for the review mate and wish you luck next time!


laidbackasiandude -- great job with the research I am curious whats is GRIS thing you did?

Offline collector

laidbackasiandude -- great job with the research I am curious whats is GRIS thing you did?
Google Reverse Image Search https://www.ukpunting.com/index.php?topic=17336.msg269292;topicseen#msg269292

laidbackasiandude -- great job with the research I am curious whats is GRIS thing you did?

It's Google Reverse Image Search (collector has provided details above so won't duplicate).

An alternative worth considering in addition to GRIS is TinEye as below. I use BOTH
in case one system misses out on hits and another picks up more detailed searches.


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