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Author Topic: Amber Ryder in Nottingham  (Read 1198 times)

21 review(s) for AmberRyder (18 positive, 1 neutral, 2 negative) [Indexed by Admin]

I finally got to meet Amber today after she'd been on my hotlist for over a year

 https://www.adultwork.com/1065421 or https://www.adultwork.com/AmberRyder

I'd originally booked another 3some with Mandy and Jessie in Leicester for the day before but this fell through as Mandy had hurt her foot and after looking forward to it all week I went for my plan B as I had to much tension building up to wait.

The booking was sorted out by text easily enough and I found her place quite easily to and that was fine. Amber had a offer on of £140 for the hour including bum fun in which is normally £20 extra and the last time I did anal was about 7 years ago with a ex when I mistakenly stuck it in the wrong hole when pissed :D and I have fancied doing it again for a while and have met a few girls that have offered this on their profile's but I feel awkward asking for things like this so have never done it but after reading reviews for Amber I knew she'd be up for it :)

So once at Amber's place I got the money bit out of the way and got talking and I found her to be the kind of girl that I felt comfortable with and I could say what I fancied doing easily enough. At the start I'd mentioned that I'd met her friend Mandy in Leicester who she's offering 3somes with soon and that I'd done a bit of filming with her for my private wank bank and in my mind I was thinking it would be good if Amber was up for this but I didn't think she'd do it so kept quite.
Now my fun starts with Amber french kissing me and she starts giving me owo and were both watching this in her big mirror that other reviewers have brought up and it looked good and I said "it's a pity you don't do filming as I'd love to have that in my wank bank" and then Amber says I can as she trusted me :yahoo:  So then I get my iphone 6 out to film but it starts acting up again like it has been doing all week opening up pages and typing random shit with out me even touching it! So Amber films it with her phone and says she'll send me a copy as I wasn't getting anywhere with my shit phone. So after this frustration I couldn't cope with the oral no longer as it was to nice and I shot my load in her mouth :)
Then we get talking again and by now she knew I wanted her ass and she was saving it for me until last as she wasn't sure if her tiny bum could cope with me as she is quite small but she was willing to try. So for round 2 we started with kissing again and this soon got me going again so she starts giving me owo and after restarting my shit phone I though I'd try again for filming and managed to get about 15 seconds of footage before it started going funny again. Then her owo was getting to nice so I had her ride me and this felt good and she soon had me cumming again :)
So after a little chat it was time for A levels and she gets me hard again with owo and then she goes looking for a condom and can't find one. I finally get a girl who's up for it and it's going wrong, But then thank fuck she finds one when it was looking like it wasn't to be  :) Now I've just got to see if it'll fit and she bends over for doggie style and we gently eased it in and I banged away for about 30 seconds before finally getting anal got the better off me and I shot my load :D

So overall I liked Amber and I know I'll be back for more. And she's hoping to do some parties soon with another one of Notts finest Diamond in the rough so the future is looking good

21 review(s) found for AmberRyder linked to in above post (18 positive, 1 neutral, 2 negative)

Offline Owwhatanight

God how that review brought back memories  :D ....that corner mirror is more famous now than the one the wicked Queen has in Snow White.  :yahoo:

Yeah it's good as you can watch yourself being sucked off and perv over her arse too  :D

Offline GolfNut

Yeah it's good as you can watch yourself being sucked off and perv over her arse too  :D

Amber enjoys watching herself too doesn't she just?? :wacko:
Banning reason: Undesirable

Offline pictisunum

A fantastic sexy girl, and yes an incorrigible little exhibitionist. The little Chihuahua was also an exhibitionist attention-seeker.  Good review and rekindled some great memories. Don't know which to be more envious of; you had anal with her (she wasn't confident with me) or your ability to cum three times in an hour. She's definitely on my too hot to not see again list.

Great review, another for the ever growing hot list.

11 positive reviews (and the weird negative from Jasper56.)
And a skinny size 6 FKer  :yahoo:
On the target list now, Cheers CJ.

Fucking hell hell mate - she sounds awesome. I wonder whether she would be the kind of girl who could accommodate my deviant mind and preferences....

Offline GolfNut

Fucking hell hell mate - she sounds awesome. I wonder whether she would be the kind of girl who could accommodate my deviant mind and preferences....

Most certainly. She likes to talk dirty too.  :yahoo:

Banning reason: Undesirable

Nice review John - and our paths nearly crossed again (I saw her Sat for a little pressie to myself) - maybe at one of her parties this time. Awesome arse as you say (she even managed me!) and a suitably dirty mouth as already mentioned.

Offline redt4

Great review, might have too point the car down the M1 soon...

Offline Jamlove

Got an booking with her coming up this week  :yahoo: its these reviews here that have persauded me that and she looks so fuckable.

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