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Author Topic: Glasgow; The Final Frontier...  (Read 492 times)

With Edinburgh cut off, and my own dear Fife as desperate as ever, I decided  'to boldly go...' in this case, to see Gabriella and Sophie Thomas at Glesga.
Having had the pleasure of both in the past, I was unaware what good pals they had become. I well remembered coming away from a punt with Sophie three years ago, with a very broad smile; we just gelled. Bonded. Something like that. Then she disappeared from our lives...
Anyway, within moments of meeting Sophie again, I felt very comfortable with her. Gaby was buggering about, meantime, getting ready.
Now, there's sex, and then there's fun; and on this occasion we had both, in spadefuls. Now, I do like a threesome and I've never had a bad one, but the hour flew past. That's how good it was. It was a joy and a pleasure to reacquaint myself with Miss Thomas' intimate parts after an absence which has been too, too long. And Miss Thomas is possessed of the most wonderful pudenda (just Google it, Randy), and ass and tits. Mmmm...
Gabriella, I can report, continues to spout filthy words in her immaculate posh accent. Wonderful.
When does the Forth Road Bridge reopen? Who cares!

Offline RandyF

pudenda (just Google it, Randy), and ass and tits. Mmmm...

Why'd I need to google that?  'Highly educated' meeting was it?  :lol:

Hope you didn't waste too much of your paid time chatting & chintering about Ukpunting  ;) 
Banning reason: Troll

When does the Forth Road Bridge reopen? Who cares!

Let's hope soon so you can leave the few good girls in Glasgow to us appreciative weegies!!!

Thank you, Randy, for rising so magnificently to the bait!
At my age I don't have much energy for sex, so intellectual chat suits me. Oh, and the reason I like a threesome is that there's always one girl to lift me on at the start and then lift me off at the end!
Would I lie to you, sir?

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