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Author Topic: GFE Soho walkups  (Read 654 times)

Hi all, I know it's a divisive topic but has anyone got any good recommendations for GFE (especially kissing) in the Soho walk-ups? Many thanks.

not hugely experienced on the walk-up circuit but my presumption is any sort of prolonged kissing (girlfriend experience, especially dfk) doesn't really occur in most soho haunts. it can literally be one after the other through some peak hours of the day, so there's weariness of any sort intimate exchange to that level.

you may be lucky and they may let you have a quick peck on the lips.

others will correct me if i'm wrong, but in most cases it's an exception.

Offline Falstaff

Correct. DFK not on the menu, nor the PSE stuff such as anal, cim, swallow, facial; normally.

However it can happen if you visit the same girl often enough and a rapport develops. Then she may loosen up discretionarily.

That's what I thought unless those that know girls who do GFE are keeping it a secret!

I have punted at a lot of walk ups and have done dfk with certain girls but as said it's not strictly on the menu and unless the girl thinks you are gods gift,unlikely on a first visit.

Roxy at 8 Greek Street gives pretty much what I would call GFE minus the kissing.

Roxy at 8 Greek Street gives pretty much what I would call GFE minus the kissing.
Good shout  :hi: I only saw Kate once as she is a little large for my tastes but she also provides a very good gfe service

Soho is not really about lovey-dovey GFE or PSE with the associated with porn imagery pressure-to-perform vibe. It is (at its best) what I've called elsewhere DFE (the 'dirty fun experience'), as exemplified by such troupers as Amy of 8 Greek Street, Zara of 52 Greek Street and Lucy of 70a Berwick Street, and for me that's just fine!

Offline Kaluuu276

I suppose the only pse you can get is :

Boob job with Kate/Zara

Ball sucking, deep throat with Amy

OWO as extra wiyh ?

Am I right?

Offline emkay

I managed DFK in a walkup yesterday but it was a deal with the girl and she made it very clear that the maid was not to know about it so I won't post who, here.
Se asked for £20 settled for £10.

Don't understand why and how maid can interfere in that? O.o

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