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Author Topic: Has anyone tried Shepherds Bush Road?  (Read 971 times)

Here's the link on CL, I'm curious as to if it's just a massage, or you know what.


Offline samson02

It's a brand new Chinese herb and massage shop.  It's been open a couple of weeks.  I haven't tried it yet so I can't tell you for sure but I did notice one of the girls from the shop three doors down hanging around in there as I passed last week.  She always did a good B2B for £40 so, if she's now working there I imagine it's the usual west London deal!  The very fact they're advertising on CL tells me that, at least, it's good for a bit more than a massage!  I'll report back once I can get in there but it won't be until late Jan now thanks to Christmas etc.

Tried it a few times , extra 30 to 40 for the extra happy ending in the nude. The massages can very depending on the ladies

I tried this place 2 weeks ago. £45 for a 1hr massage. Which was really good and then happy ending was offered and i asked how much and got quoted £10. Wernt going to argue or haggle that price. Will be back

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