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Author Topic: Ryhanna Angel  (Read 714 times)

Offline Sar-Major

Argggggg.... :scare: :scare: :scare: :scare:......................Romanian :dash: :dash: :dash: :dash: :dash: SAYS IT FEKIN ALL. Matey

 :hi: :hi:

are they bad?

VERY!! Although you may find a decent one if your lucky.
Depends if your willing to take the chance

cheers mate....prob not then! you know any good escorts in that area?

I usually travel a bit further up north as usually better girls and more choice.

Theres a few in the teesside area like jess1000 who you may like and gets good reviews.
Maybe check out nne escorts too as  they have a few flats in the teesside area

I was tempted by her ass.......but you guys were right! I stayed clear!

She had been to Middlesbrough on a few occasions now over the last 6 months, but for the last few month's has been based in that unusual house set apart from the other semi detached properties in the street that 'Boob Lover 98' referred to in the link that 'The Spaniard' posted.

Like you guys I was tempted when she first came to the Boro not just by the ass but also I thought she was a good looking lass, but at that time she was based in an apartment in Linthorpe Road. No problem finding the apartment and she is definitely the girl in the photos, in actual fact she looked gorgeous and led me into the bedroom. I then began to tell her what I wanted in our meeting based on what her profile stated and to be honest I was wasting my time as we were at opposite ends of the service range. I even said that if that's all you are prepared to do then I'm only prepared to pay £x. She didn't bite so I said I'd leave and I walked.

At the end of the day it's our hard earned cash that we are being asked to part with and if the service isn't up to what we want then move on and find the girl that meets our requirement. Would we settle for a lower standard of goods or service if we were out doing our Christmas or Supermarket shopping? I think NOT.

As I walked along the corridor back to the front door she made some remark about knowing I wasn't going to stay as soon as she had initially opened the door. Thing is, had she provided the services that appeared on her profile I would have stayed and would probably have been much more positive in my opinion. Very attractive girl but I'm paying for a service not to merely sit and view a painting.

The house she is based at now has been used by a succession of Eastern European girls, but just like my experience with Ryhanna they don't do what their profiles say (don't think that they'll be printing their services on a tin as they certainly don't do what they suggest)

Offline john boy

 Yes your right to stay clear crap punt lays there like a dead fish , and your right about the bungalow
  set back on its own there was a freelander at the back of the yard which i guessed wasnt going to
  belong to her , you go in through the kitchen then living area into a tiny bedroom at the back , i
  thought there might be someone else in the house but never heard anything
Banning reason: Abusive

Offline sesalovdarlo

Seen her, pretty much doesn't offer any services on her profile. Owo is extra. No cim no facials. I did pay extra for anal as I wanted her ass so bad.

She kinda killed the mood trying to rip me off, extra for this extra for that. I don't do this, I don't do that.

Gave her ass a really good seeing to, which to be fair was really good. Tried arranging appointment again recently but said she no longer offers anal

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