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Author Topic: Julia - Albany Road, Cardiff  (Read 742 times)

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Offline HughJardon


Inspired by Ledleys earlier finding re: Angela Anal
Text the number on profile, and drove to Albany road, was told to wait at a certain shop and then met at the gates by the woman in the profile, I will add a pic as Vstreet profiles fluctuate.
Anyway was let in through iron gates, like an episode of nightmare, I will agree and say the alleyway looks terrifying, pitch black, could be a prime location for a bit of foul play, so chivalrous as ever I told Julia to go first (haha) there are sensored lights that go on but the journey to the room was fraught with, drops and low ceilings. Anyway was led right to the top floor which was warm but a tad grubby, good view of all the pissheads on Albany rd.
Was told for 60 pounds I could french kiss have owo, rim her and lick her cunt out. I just went for the owo and FK. Anyway this girl likes to suck and I proper fucked her face firmly, which just spurred her on, after another bit of kissing I got ontop of her, and her pussy although it looked like a knot was really tight and she elevated her pussy into my cock with wonderful rhythm. I was still shocked with the pornstar kissing previously,  then she got ontop of me, and her rhythm and appetite was 1st class. After a little chat, was taken out to the main room with 3 other girls who all looked very smashable indeed, I would return, stays open late and Id like to try the blonde I saw, hard to focus when youve got 4 women starring at you, and didnt spend enough time to eyeball all there tits and asses.



When I find the other 2 Il post up my findings.

HJ.. your like fucking Sherlock Homes by confirming my suspicions.   :D
I nearly popped in there last Saturday but had to abort and ended up in abygales.. fucked Maria who was brilliant but has now gone home on her Christmas break.. won't be back until February.. I believe Sabrina also on holiday until January. . 

I was passing on Wednesday and noted a suspicious looking charector  looking into the wilderness whilst on the phone.. he then made a dash across the road as the gate opened and ran straight down the alley.. the lights lit up and the pear shaped gate keeper followed.   :D

Julia is right up my street.. slim and takes it up the bum.. Saturday night could be sorted.

Offline HughJardon

Dont know about Sherlock Holmes, more like Cocktor Watson  :lol: Aaahhh Maria, I need to make an effort to go back to see her when she returns.

This Albany site should just have one number to phone and then line the ladies up for choice, If you phone Julia you cant change your choice of gal even if the blonde or Anabel gives you a woody, which is a shame. I'd personally pop one in all the girls there.
If you decide to visit have fun Sirfuckedalot  :drinks:

Thank you Hugh - another wankfest for me reading that I tell thee  :angelgirl:

My review is up on that link that HJ posted on the blonde girl

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