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Author Topic: Some advice please  (Read 444 times)

Good evening gents

I've only ever had two punts and that was almost 6 years ago.  I have been getting the urge to start punting again and was very tempted to see Escortscarlett. 


Now, before I joined PUK I joined the 'other' site and I recently posted on that site regarding Escortscarlett.  I got some replies saying go for it  and I was going to but then I noticed that one of her recent punters had been with a bareback WG.  This put me off and I was hung up from my balls to say the least.  Am I right or wrong for exercising caution or am I being too cautious?  I know I can't check every single rating and check on who has seen who but if I do come across something like this it is enough for me to cross the lady off the list. 

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Offline stevedave

I think you're right to think twice about it. But, it's a mucky business all this punting, and if you delve far enough into the feedback of WG's and punters they have seen, you will always find summat to be a bit wary of.

Ask yourself a question: if she had seen a punter who had been with a barebacker a year ago, rather than recently, would you care (as much)? Probably not.

Plus, you don't know whether the punter in question bb'd the previous prossie. Too many variables...just book her, fuck her and feed back  :D

She looks like a bit of MILFy fun!

Offline Tallboy2

in my opinion you are stressing yourself out and thinking about things too much.
If you have sex with a lovely sweet girl that takes money from you then she has probably done the same with many other men or women before you.
You only live once   have fun and take some risk within reason.
slap a jonnie on it when fucking and you wont catch HIV or Hep B
A jonnie with Oral and you should be safe against Gonna and chlamydia
Go have some fun - ask the girl if she has a regular health check - they don't mind if you ask that - well the ones ive asked didn't. and if they do move on to another.
Hope this helps

Offline Tallboy2

think I need to change my avatar - looks too pervy

Thanks for the replies,

I've always wanted to ask whether girls have been checked but never do in fear of a backlash but like you say, if they do flip out, move on to the next one but then again how many will just give me the reply that I want.  I know it's a risky business (no doubt) but would you say there's some girls who you would feel more confident in seeing than others.  My only two punts were as safe as I could get even having oral with which I don't mind.  I suppose I could just ask for everything covered.

and yes the avatar is kinda creepy  :D

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