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Author Topic: What lights your fire?  (Read 963 times)

Offline Matium

What traits in a girl would make your blood run?

What does she need to have to make you think: "I want her!".

For me, blonde, blue eyed milfs are simply irresistible.

What lights your fire?

Offline Jimmyredcab

What lights your fire?

Not milfs that's for sure, this lady lights my fire ------

Offline softlad

For me exotic Mediterranean types, olive skinned, dark hair, busty, slim waist,

plump ass, J Lo or Kelly Brooke types.

I also like petite like Cheryl Cole or Kylie,

or Curvy milfs like Niggella,

Fuck it I like em all...... :)

Offline roadie

I love the girl next door look with no (or very little) make-up and casually dressed. Ideally aged mid 20's, blonde hair, size 10 to 12, about 5ft 6 tall with lily white skin.

Offline kiwi69

 Orientals......... (Slim) Thai, Chinese, Korean, Vietnamese, Laotian, Cambodian, Japanese, Indonesian.............  :P

Offline itsmekurt

Well, women who look like Carol Vorderman; big sexy arsed, slim bodied, dark haired MILFs. :P

Offline Lupanaria

Matches. Or one of those 70's table onyx lighters that weigh a ton.

Offline Simple

20something that has the girl-next-door and/or tomboy look with brown or black hair, nice coloured eyes - ex - green or blue, curvy (size 10-12) as well as a shapely arse...

Offline Lupanaria

Angelina Jolie, Kelly Brook, Cheryl Cole, Helen Mirren, Julianne Moore, Nadine Coyle, Charlotte Rampling, Demi Moore, Cherie Lunghi, Adrianna Lima, Sheryln Fenn, Lauren Bacall, 20's to 70's, hot women!  I'm a straight woman, but I wouldn't say no if they grabbed me.

Offline Lurtz

I like girls who have slim hips, no tits, a shaved head and a moustache.

Offline distressed

Blonde,tanned,leggy,at least 34dd,who sucks cock like a Dyson and fucks like a rabbitt.Not too much to ask for? ;)

For me it's eye contact whether I am astride the girl or preparing to give her a taste sensation.  I even prefer A from the missionary position for this reason.

But if those beautiful limpid pools are connected to a smaller frame, pert boobed, fit and youngish lass then the shots may take place quicker and at greater frequency...

That being said, an older, less fit, buxom lady that knows her business can always give me my money's worth.


Offline itsmekurt

Well, women who look like Carol Vorderman; big sexy arsed, slim bodied, dark haired MILFs. :P


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